PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's Alpha Test Dated and Detailed; Will Have Multiplayer - Figurine Announced

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne will have an alpha test in Japan quite soon, and today Sony Computer Entertainment gave more information on dates and how to apply. They also announced a new collectible figurine made by some of the best Japanese manufacturers.

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ninjahunter1489d ago

I really hope they dont force multiplayer on us. It was so laggy in demon souls that i would just go take a water break while some lvl 999, 500ms guy ruined my day.

XBLSkull1489d ago

Game looks fantastic but that is the lamest alpha I have ever seen. 3 different days only available for 3 hours each time? Seems pretty worthless.

Forn1489d ago

You seem pretty worthless...

reko1489d ago


You try so hard lol

mike_honcho1489d ago

yeah what's xb1 getting as far as a demo or alpha?................ whoops that's right nothing In the blood borne scene.. that sucks..

ps: are you the same XBLSkull that's always crying about the sony camp trolling ms articles?.. oh the hyrocrisy

bigtrucknd1489d ago

I hope the figurine is available for the collectors edition. It's a little light for a collectors edition as it stands now.

Salooh1489d ago

Already got an invite message like a week ago . Hope they send me a code :D

LightDiego1489d ago

I always wanted figurines from the Souls series.