Lords of the Fallen looks Impressive but Nobody’s Talking about It

Lords of the Fallen looks better and better each time I see it and it’s about time people start noticing. Developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, Lords of the Fallen is looking to deliver a tight action-RPG experience for the new consoles. The game has crisp visuals and a strategic approach to combat where stamina matters and timing is critical.

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NewMonday1487d ago

doesn't need anyone to talk about it, it was already funded by customers on Kickstarter, anything else is a bonus.

XBLSkull1486d ago

From what I've seen I wouldn't use the word "impressive" to describe it, it looks pretty average.

Evilsnuggle1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Lords of the Fallen has been on my top 10 most wanted list since the first time I saw it. As a Demon's Soul's fan can't wait to try it out.

Are you fanboys stupid or something . Why in hell would any judge a game based on a YouTube video. Everyone with a brain in their head know that YouTube is horrible compressed garbage. Video games graphics can't be judged by YouTube. You need direct feed video capture footage. Wait for Gamersyde or some direct capture video to make a judgement on screen tearing.

[email protected]

Lords of the Fallen will get a lot of hating from butthurting xbonefanboy . Because x1 is to weak to run the game at 1080P. That what happens when you have a two year old entry level GPU in your console . Lords of the Fallen looks awesome on PS4 and pc. I'm sure it will look great on Xbone also.

Meltic1486d ago

meaby it wont need any hype like Destiny and other games. Ive learned hype games is shit, and other games thats silent is very good.

Muadiib1486d ago

It wasn't on Kickstarter though...

NewMonday1486d ago

apparently not, don't know where I started it was associating it with KS, probably mixed up with another game.

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jobboy1487d ago

i can give it a chance on Ps4 if they get rid of that terrible screen tearing.

TGF_Zero1486d ago

OH jeez, you noticed that too huh? i was thinking it was just the compression.

LamerTamer1486d ago

Compression doesn't cause v-sync screen tearing it just can make things look blurry and pixelated.

I can't stand tearing, so I will pass on that.

TheParanoidx1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Could you link a video you saw with screen tearing? I'm just curious to see. I want the game, but screen tearing does my head in.

EDIT : Watched a commentary and noticed it pretty bad during the beginning cutscene and a little through gameplay. The uploader said it was a recording issue.

AgentSmithPS41486d ago

I used to be a lot more picky and screen tearing never bothered me, but I hope they fix it for the ones that care.

Baka-akaB1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Because right now it might feel "generic" to some people . So far i need to feel attracted by the lore and universe , and somehow i'm not feeling it . I see a decent , nice even probably melting pot and hotchpotch of ideas from past other good or great A-RPGs , but i'm not yet enthralled

I'll just try it at launch and see

poppinslops1486d ago

Why anyone would leave CD Project Red is a mystery to me... Wild Hunt WILL be the best action-rpg around.

This... This is Hyper-Mediocrity.

PCBOX1486d ago

The gameplay completely copy paste from Souls and character designes as well. if the author says "one of the best looking rpg game to date" please go get your eyes checked. Today I watched two gameplay video. One was from PS4 the other PC. Both were looking same and shit.The game looks like shit not even O.W and why it is 900p on XO realy dont get it. Bloodborne in same genre is as good as to blow this game out of the water...

Master-H1486d ago

I don't know why, i'm just not feeling this game from the videos that i watched so far, the combat looks more like Darksiders with a stamina bar than Dark Souls to me.

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