Watch The First 15 Minutes of Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC As T-Bone Takes The Stage

And here’s your first look at Watch Dogs’ latest DLC Bad Blood available now for Season Pass holders.

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porkChop1513d ago

This DLC better be fun and varied unlike the main game. The DLC is the only reason I haven't traded the game, I bought the Season Pass on launch day.

Randostar1513d ago

Ouch. Well heres hoping the DLC is good and you get a little bit of your moneys worth out of the game.

LamerTamer1513d ago

I thought the game was fairly varied, I mean you had all of the gang missions, various car chases as well as the main story. I beat Infamous SS and while it was decent it was way less varied and very short.

porkChop1513d ago

I'm talking about the campaign/story missions. Most missions were the same. Get to the location, deal with all the guards, hack into a system, steal data, mission complete. The vast majority of missions were like that. They could have done so much more than that.

uth111513d ago

Well T-Bone has a personality and Aiden doesn't. It's a step in right direction :)

LamerTamer1513d ago

I don't think Aiden was that bad. Many other characters in games are kind of "too much" and end up being obnoxious. My opinion though, but hopefully this DLC will be worth it and not too short.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081513d ago

Already i'm interested in playing this again. They should've made him the main character from the get-go!

Gears_President1513d ago

I didnt know this was out Ill download it, I have the season pass. ;(

SSJBen1513d ago

DLC is more fun than SP, simply because it's shorter and you don't have to meddle with all the boring crap that you have to do as Aiden.

The game is however, still isn't very good.