Resident Evil 5 not timed 360 exclusive

The internet has been abuzz with rumours surfacing that Resident Evil 5 is to be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. has reported rumours of a major RE5 reveal at E3, namely that Microsoft has approached Capcom with the intention of paying an undisclosed amount for timed exclusivity of Resident Evil 5.

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Lifendz3962d ago

it's coming out this year. That'd be huge, no?

BTW I'm glad to hear it's not timed exclusive.

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fishd3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

RE5 canceled!!!................... .. .......j/k!

REbirth3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

...the m$ payed for an "additional contest" that will come months later after release when nobody wants to know about the game again!

oh and they will say that the m$ will pay everyone to get the biggest hype that the game deserve (...not)

and them gametrailers will compare both versions of the PS3 and say that the 360 has better graphics:P

played RE4 and didn't think it was a huge game that press made it!

gaffyh3962d ago

@Lifendz - it's meant to come out this year anyway.

I think the major announcement will just be a release date.

Lifendz3962d ago

this is a game I hope they focus on single player and not multi-player.

Then again if they could come up with some sort of smaller team deathmatch where it's a bunch of players vs. AI zombies and trying to say get to an extraction point I think that would be cool. Think Dawn of the Dead type stuff. 4-8 players start out in a mall or something and have to get to a boat. Something like that would be both different and fun. Either way it's a day one purchase for me.

Organic_Chemistry3962d ago

I think an awesome online mode would be to have one or two players vs. 10 or so zombies(other online players) and the objective is to kill the zombies or to infect teh players...just a thought.

GeneralMaximus3962d ago

You know what would be sick....a survivor mode..wave after wave of these things to see how long you can last

Lifendz3962d ago

I'm not sure if playing as a zombie would be fun. But hey, I've been wrong before.

Doppy3962d ago

I would be so ucking pi$$ed if that happened.


You are kidding with it REbirth, but I really thing the most you can get with money in huge multiplatform games is some kind of content.

Just like GTA or any other huge game that sells MILLIONS on BOTH consoles

Let's just try calculating it, $60 for game, let's guess 1/4, $15 for the publisher in each copy sold, publishers would not risk those numbers for some low millions. Let's say RE5 will sell 3 million copies on each platform, by that guess, those are 45 million from each platform. So the least Capcom would take as a bribe from either Sony or MS would be more than 45 million, a point where you compensate selling it on only one platform.

But, those publishers are sneaky... They know that for Sony or MS, even a little content would mean some advantage, so it would not be a surprise that a actual bribe, on all that past guess, would have to as high as double that 45 million. And that is justa a guess, I think RE5 can sell way more than this on both platforms, so 90 million would not be enough for time exclusivity on huge sellers multiplatform (thanks GTA and MS for this craziness on bribes in our market, they have raised the low for that kind of business).

But for sure, I'm just guessing here... So take it with as much salt as you can.

1stKnighT3962d ago

"You know what would be sick....a survivor mode..wave after wave of these things to see how long you can last"

It's called Left 4 Dead.

CrazedFiend3961d ago

Only if it was being produced by Sony Europe...

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paul_war3962d ago

Well that didn’t take long to be debunked.

But I’m not taking anything for granted until both versions have firm release dates!

socomnick3962d ago

well not really I wouldn't take the word that its debunked from a website called Its just some guy ranting. Ill wait for e3 before I declare this false.

Harry1903962d ago

Debunked the rumor on their official site apparently.

Fishy Fingers3962d ago

Capcom blog, comment #15 from Sven.^^

Another day, another debunk ;)

zethos563962d ago

Sev is the one who brought up the rumor. I don't think a bot would work at a site called playstationlifestyle.

Kleptic3962d ago

Sev didn't start it, he just made a post on his site about had been circling around NeoGaf for a while...and it started from 'insider' 360 fanboys...guys like Mart basically...

it was kind of a given that it wouldn't happen...but it is still very likely that MS made an offer...its just Capcom probably made it very obvious to MS that Japan would gladly accept a bag of steaming shat over an Xbox 360...and exclusively supporting the 360 at first would clearly alienate their home territory...

Silogon3962d ago

Not suprising. Look at the site who started the rumor. This is the same site where one of it's contrbutors asked me where I lived so he could have his way with my mom.

Classy guys over there at whatever site that is.

Fishy Fingers3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Sev1512 of Playstationlifestyle.

But he clearly marked the news as RUMOUR, he never said it was confirmed.

In fact, his story was that MS were offering Capcom money for timed exclusivity, not that MS had GOT timed exclusivity.

DarK-SilV3962d ago

And it's not the first rumor
So everybody can writer about rumors but Sev1512 cannot

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