Triad Wars will not have female characters at launch, no plans for Steam release

In a Q&A, United Front Games' Producer Justin Bullard provided new information on the gender choices or lack thereof players will have in Triad Wars. United Front Games also talked about the game hitting Steam.

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SuperBlur1490d ago

Your fan base isn't that big to begin with and you still dont have plans to release on steam ? What are you smoking and can i have some ?

ATi_Elite1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Apb reloaded survived and actually turned a nice profit due to Steam and heavy customization.

Triad Wars looks to have learned nothing.

With 100 million active accounts you almost cant loose with Steam and for F2P to thrive you need lots and lots of customization options including female characters.

Maybe Triad Wars Reloaded will be done right lol

DragoonsScaleLegends1490d ago

I don't care if it releases on Steam since I don't game on PC much but still why not? They put Sleeping Dogs on there so I don't see why this not also on there. I bought Sleeping Dogs PC for like two dollars lol and that 60fps was amazing plus since it was on Steam it had achievements. Hopefully the PS4 version runs at 60fps also. Is there woman even in the triad in hong kong that fight in gang wars?

Snookies121490d ago

Wait, you had a setup that could run Sleeping Dogs at 60FPS, but don't game much on PC?? Why not?

porkChop1490d ago

Yeah. Sleeping Dogs was a gorgeous game and needed a pretty beefy PC to run at 60fps. Having a PC like that and not gaming on PC often just doesn't make sense. Unless he was playing the game on low and got 60fps.

DragoonsScaleLegends1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

I built my PC more for working on projects and converting my blu-rays to MKV faster. Core I7 can do a lot more than just help my games perform better. I like consoles better simply because I like to game with friends and I grew up on them since the SNES days. But yeah the graphics on all of my PC games look and run better than most of if not all of my PS4 games. I still choose PS4 for my main gaming life though.

@porkChop No I was on mostly high settings at 1080p. Plus that high rez texture pack.

porkChop1490d ago

The game is being released directly through UFG's website, so there isn't really any need for Steam. They do say though that things could change, so it might release on Steam eventually.

kiz26941490d ago

Could they do anything else wrong?