Driveclub has no microtransactions

The Driveclub community manager confirmed in a interview with IGN Benelux that the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition has no microtransactions. The game director talked about unlocking cars for real world money back in may, but now that doesn't seem the case.

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uth111487d ago

dammit, now what am I going to do with all this money? I hope there is at least a ton of DLC to buy, and a remastered 'definitive edition' released in 6 months

nicksetzer11487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I truly am confused at this point. First he tweets insults about devs using microtransactions. (MT's)Tweets there will be no MT's. Followed by a tweet declaring "no" microtransaction. A few weeks later, tells multiple sources, there are MT's. Now back to none? This guy has no clue what he is doing. Game looks great though.


Kayant1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Yh it does had MT this was confirmed already the time the delay was explained.

Edit -

I see this reference to the PS plus edition which won't have MT as it's a one off upgrade but the base retail/digital game has it.

Yh this sounds like it's only referencing to plus because of the upgrade note.

Oschino19071487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Or Micro Machines w/ John Moschitta Jr. doing the announcing?

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

No microtransactions? * pops champagne*

Oschino19071487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

For some reason when I first glanced at your content I thought it said "*poops champagne*". Very reasonable reaction either way.

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