PS4's Early Lead Might Be All Smoke and Mirrors

The PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One 2-to-1 thus far in the new generation, but is this huge lead somehow illusory?

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UltimateMaster1577d ago

Sales figures of games are 3:1 in favor of the PS4 and it's not slowing down.
But please, try to convince yourself theses sales numbers aren't real.

Abash1577d ago

Sounds like the author can't deal with the PS4 dominating by such a large margin, in less than a year at that.

NewMonday1577d ago

the software margins for the PS4 of 3-1 are even bigger than the hardware margin lead of 2-1 over the XB1

that's because of the percentage of multi-platform owners who prefer the PS4 for the better quality versions of 3rd party software.

mikeslemonade1577d ago

The author didn't expect the sales disparity. But the smart individuals like myself pretty much predicted this spot on.

darthv721576d ago

okay, playing devils advocate for a moment. The only troubling part of an early lead (in sales) is you have the potential to hit the market saturation point sooner than expected.

This is something even sony is cautiously optimistic about. That's not a bad thing to think about as you definitely dont want it to seem like once you have sold through to anyone who wanted one...there is no room for the consumers to go but picking up the competition to round things out.

Looking at last gen, 80+ mil ps3 were sold and 80+ mil 360 were sold and probably to the same consumers. So the thought that there could be a point to which the cost of owning both will eventually be appealing is very possible.

i'd venture that there is a percentage of gamers on this sire (wont say majority or minority as it is unknown) that own both the 360 and ps3 and there are some who even own both the ps4 and xb1. Those who only have one (or the other) would likely entertain the idea of picking up the one they dont have to balance their gaming habits.

i know i certainly do not have the time to play everything but i am a console whore so i really dig buying the systems and their games.

Sony has done a fantastic job of moving units. nintendo is getting better so long as gamers would give their system a fair chance (it may surprise them) and the spite over MS (the company) is really tainting the sales of the system but eventually people will get over the troubling start and pick one up.

Why limit yourself to playing on just one system where there are great games to be played on all? Its a philosophy i have lived by since the 80's and i still believe strongly in supporting the industry as a whole instead of falling into the restrictive trap of being loyal to one.

(that last part is my own personal view and does not reflect the views of others)

Eonjay1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

You guys should calm down are read the article. Its not saying that the victory isn't real, the author is really giving his opinion. He seems to believe that the consoles should be performing at a more equal level sales wise.

He lists a lot of the contributing factors to the PS4's success but seems to fall short in putting it all together. Its was simply the combination of all the things he listed in tandem with the fact that gen 7 went on forever.

PS4 was literally in the right place at the right time for the right price. There is also this misconception that the Xbox One is doing poorly because the PS4 is doing so well. That doesn't make sense.

InTheLab1576d ago

This and the author ignored the fact that ps3 sold more consoles in less time and how the ps brand is just more popular than Xbox.

I'm always surprised when I see people expecting a victory with Xbox. They've never beat the competition and thanks to a divided focus of casual first and core second, they will never beat ps.

MasterCornholio1576d ago

Its not just the author, many people on N4G are doing the same thing. What bothers me the most is that they keep inventing excuses for Sonys success with the console. They make up excuses like the casuals are flocking to the PS4 to Sony is brainwashing idiots into buying the console.

I think its about time that they accept that the PS4 is selling great because Sony is doing a great job with it. I'm not saying that the other two systems are bad its just that Sony did a better job with the PS4.

ABizzel11576d ago

"The question is: HOW?"

1. The PlayStation Brand is simply more popular among gamers. The average age of a gamer is in the 30's now, well that 30 year old gamer more than likely grew up on Nintendo and PlayStation, and as they've matured so have PlayStation in content and they've stuck with the console, and any other console is a secondary option.

2. The PlayStation Brand is simply more popular among gamers. The brand has sold almost 350m units across 3 console. Looking at the competition and their numbers aren't even close with Nintendo at 270m across 5 consoles, and MS at almost 110m across 2 consoles. That's an average of 116m per console for PS, 54m for Nintendo, and 55m for Xbox.

3. The PlayStation Brand is simply more popular among gamers. Nintendo left a lot of core gamers angry at them with the Wii using dated hardware and going almost completely casual with a few core games each year. The Wii U was suppose to fix that, but it still had a foot stuck in dated hardware (in comparison to the competition) and after launch it had a game drought for several months, and lost 3rd party support giving them a bad rep.

MS XBO reveal was one of the worst of all time, and they literally ruined everything they gained with the 360 in a 2 hour session, followed by weeks of PR nightmares, and confused and insensitive executive comments, and when you have 3 choices for gaming, and 2/3 look bad/awful then more most people it's a no brainer to get the only decent console on the market. Add in the fact that it's the most powerful of the consoles, it cost $50 - $100 more than the weaker Wii U and $100 less than the XBO (at the time at least), and had a proven history of producing GOTY winners and strong 3rd party support, and the average consumer had an obvious choice unless his/her friends and family were already on another platform.

When you let something like that linger on for a year without changing it (literally from the PS4 reveal / XBO reveal forward MS and Nintendo basically gave Sony a free win) then it's going to be too late to change the perception of the masses, and you're going to have to wait until gamers go looking for a second console (a few years later and price drops later) to get similar sales.

ABizzel11576d ago

As you said last-gen the 360 was the leader because it had a 1 year head-start on the market by itself. Then the PS3 launched at $600, and you could literally buy a Wii and a 360 for $550, so for the average consumer it made no sense to buy a PS3, and Sony gave the US market at least, away to 360 and the Wii and had to play catch up everywhere else. And when it all boils down Sony at their worst still outsold the Xbox brand. This generation the roles have reversed and MS is in a similar position Sony was in last generation, it's obvious what the sales are the way they are.

Game wise neither console is really that far ahead of the other. The XBO has more of it's AAA exclusive IP's out, while Sony has a few of A team on PS4, but the real carrier is the fact that the PS4 is more powerful and multiplatform games are generally going to run in parity or better on the PS4. Then you look at 2015, MS has a good list of exclusives line-up, meanwhile Sony has a "HUGE" line-up of "DIVERSE" exclusives and still hasn't shown what several of their AAA teams are working on.

I agree where they both stand right now as consoles, they're pretty neck and neck. The XBO is the better multimedia device, it has a couple more AAA exclusives on it (and coming), and it's services have improved leaps and bounds (G4G). The PS4 had PS+ games and F2P games since day one offering a good collection of over 20 games at little ($50 subscription) to no extra cost, it's the more powerful console now for the same price, it's multiplatform games are in parity or higher resolution or framerate than the XBO versions, it has some good exclusives still, it's been very pro developer and developer friendly since Day 1, it has some good features coming, and it has an unheard of line-up of diverse games coming in 2015.

That's why the PS4 is winning the console war.

Mr Pumblechook1576d ago

The author needs to learn English. To accuse Sony of 'smoke and mirrors' is to imply their 10 million plus sales figures are a deliberate deception of the public - but this isn't the case.

XBLSkull1576d ago

PS2 lead the original Xbox 6 to 1.

the original Xbox however has the highest attach rate of any console ever. Xbox was getting slaughtered in sales, however users of the system found more games worth playing on that system than its competition, or any other console that had come before it. We are seeing that again here. Xbox has the games while PlayStation moves the hardware. Right now in my house my PlayStation 4 attach rate is 2, my Xbox One 12.

dantesparda1576d ago

The PS4 has been selling better because most people like and prefer Sony's franchises to MS's (plus Sony has more franchises than MS and PS4 has more games than the X1) and the system is technically superior for the same price, (most multiplats are superior on PS4). And people want the best versions and games for their money. Its also cheaper to play online on the PS4 and gives you more bang for your buck for what you pay (it gives you more games). And only fanboys think Live is VASTLY superior to PSN. To most people, they are the same thing. And PSN has way more and better sales.

MRMagoo1231576d ago


Your whole theory gets blown out of the water considering the ps4 is triple the xbones software sales this gen even tho its only double the hardware sales.

Visiblemarc1576d ago

Yeah, the author also didn't really bother writing an article that makes sense.

How can an actual sales lead be "smoke and mirrors?"

That term refers to something which is not real, or more specifically something which is not real which is masked to appear real.

Sales momentum has an effect on future sales and developer relationships. Current sales represent cashflow and is any of this smoke and mirrors?

pixelsword1576d ago Show
SuperLupe1576d ago

"Sales figures of games are 3:1 in favor of the PS4 and it's not slowing down"

Link please.

Funny people actually blindly agreed with that.

Please mods, if anybody can bring any proof whatsoever to that claim ban my account from N4G forever.

DLConspiracy1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

It literally only takes one click to see this same author you hate has nothing but Pro Sony/PS articles a plenty in his portfolio.... Wow...

MarkusMcNugen1576d ago

The PS4 is doing very well and I dont know why Xbox One fanboys would be upset by it. The competition is only going to push Microsoft to get out of the underdog status it currently is in. That's not to say that Microsoft is doing badly with the Xbox One, but that they will be working even harder now to make it that much more competitive.

BG115791576d ago

Not to say that the gap could be greater, Sony had real dificulty producing enough PS4 for everyone on the the 4-5 month.

AndrewLB1575d ago

"Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. The source of the name is based on magicians' illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a distracting burst of smoke. The expression may have a connotation of virtuosity or cleverness in carrying out such a deception."

Now that i've defined the term, lets go into a few cases of this being done by Sony which has clearly had an effect on consumers since many here don't seem to understand the facts.

1. Intrusive DRM- Even today I keep reading people post about how Microsoft attempted to impose intrusive Digital Rights Management on consumers for all sorts of nefarious purposes. While it is true that they had a plan to use DRM on the Xbox one, the company announced this to the public and was met with clear disagreement. Due to this uproar, Microsoft made the smart business decision and removed the DRM via a day-1 mandatory update. This kind of response should be a good thing and Xbox owners largely agree that the company made the right decision.

The "smoke and mirrors" or deception was how Sony responded to these events. According to SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, Sony had THE EXACT SAME DRM planned for the PS4 and when they saw the public reaction to the Microsoft announcement, they deceived the public by not only staying silent on their DRM and it's subsequent removal by launch, but the deception kicked in because they actively promoted the false accusation that Microsoft wanted to limit gamers rights and how they would never do such a thing to the "true gamers" who buy their systems. This message stating that Sony is all about gamers permeated every article by gaming journalists and forum post on gaming websites for almost 6 months and did considerable damage to the Xbox one.

From Eurogamer:

This proves unequivocally that Sony used "smoke and mirrors" and deceived the gaming public, where even today most people believe the initial lie is the truth. News about Microsoft's DRM hit every gaming website, but when Sony admitted that they had plans to use the same DRM... very few actually covered the story. It's a lot like when major media organizations report a false story for weeks that does massive damage to a company only find out later they were wrong, so they print a retraction in small type on page 41 where nobody will read it. A great example of this was how the American media all but destroyed Audi because of a womans claims that car all by itself ran over her children in the driveway due to a defect. Two years later after the full investigation was conducted, the Mother was deemed "at-fault" for running over her children and Audi cleared of any fault. But the damage was done, and it took 10+ years for Audi to even begin restoring their good name in America. The exact same thing went down just a few years ago with the Toyota Prius. But this time it was an intentional act by the US Government and willing green energy supporters who screwed Toyota in order to increase Chevy Volt sales because the car was such a disaster.

I'll post more prime examples of Sony's "smoke and mirrors" tomorrow involving KZSF's resolution, false advertising, and more. I'll even address claims of deception against Microsoft to be fair and balanced.

And anyone who downvotes this had better prove it wrong because if you don't, it further validates my claim that Sony successfully deceived you.

Buff10441575d ago

I don't think that's the case. The author clearly states that he's pleased Sony is back on top. But with few exclusive AAA games in 2014, it is a bit surprising the console sold this well. But as he states, positive word of mouth and Microsoft's bumbling are likely the causes. Had Microsoft launched at $399 and did not suffer the backlash that began in May 2013, these numbers would have been closer.

WishMeWell2591575d ago

@ MasterCornholio

Even if Sony is brainwashing casuals to buy PS4. Their marketing is suppose to do that. And people's word of mouth will do that. Everyone played COD on 360 because everyone had a xbox. Now the Sony did great marketing and is now the best for multi platform gaming. Its obvious that ps4 is the better system, how can they be about the same but the ps4 runs games on a higher resolution. Why would i get a less detailed game when I can get the same thing but better.
Xbox fanboys are just pissed because they have never been on the bottom before. Relax, this is a good thing. Xbox isnt going anywhere and Mircosoft will do a lot more like listen to their consumers for once. Think about did xbox listen to its fans when they forced the kinect down your mouth. No, basically it was we are better, we know it, so you will buy what we tell you. Well know they know that they arent gods and not everyone is a die hard fanboy. They will listen to the masses when the xbox 2...720...a letter...a number? Idk whtever the point is they will do better next time

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stuna11577d ago

I actually had to laugh at the title, smoke and mirrors is an illusion, but the PS4 sales are real.

I guess there are some who end up on the popular side of things, and some who end up on the unpopular side of things, and most of the times their responses reflect that. Either way it all how one chooses to view it perceptually.

ZombieKiller1576d ago

"PS4's Early Lead Might Be All Smoke and Mirrors"

....and these lingering articles might be damage control.

What's your point? I already made my decision.

On top of that VGcharts just released numbers and although ESTIMATED, the PS4 has about 12 million on the board, where the X1 has only 5, the Wii-U has 7 mill.

You're telling me that the COMBINED sales of the X1 AND Wii-U only being 2 million more than the PS4's, it's smoke and mirrors?! Then what do you call gaming journalism?

GribbleGrunger1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

VGC has the PS4 at 10.8m so I'm not sure where you are getting your 12m from. The PS4 is now sitting just over 11m (baring in mind that VGC is always a week behind and has undertracked the PS4 by around 250k. One day they'll acknowledge Sony's official numbers.

ZombieKiller1576d ago

Which is why I said they're ESTIMATED. It was a comparison from Machinima IG Daily. They said that the x1 had 5.1 mill, Sony 10.1 mill, and Wii-U 7.1....which is why I just went with the rounded off numbers of 10,7,and 5.

You are correct though, I meant to say 10.1 million. I compared them to the combined sales of Wii-U and X1 and typed the wrong number. I was wrong...
That's not my point.....My point is that the PS4 is KILLING it right now and despite the smoke n mirrors damage control, despite the ESTIMATION on numbers, it doesn't take a Helen Keller to see that it's in the top spot and this is just another form of damage control. You're right Gribble, I pulled that number out accidentally, my bad.

Magicite1576d ago

If all this is only smoke and mirrors, then how is gonna real fight look?

avengers19781576d ago

PS4 has 2014 wrapped up, and looking at early 2015 with great exclusives, and more free to play games, PS4 will dominate early next year as well. Then Uncharted 4 will help in the end of the year. PS4 could be over 20 million sold to consumers by the time XB1 ships over 10 million.

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harrisk9541576d ago

This author does not understand what the term "smoke and mirrors" means... Smoke and mirrors in the context of the headline would imply that the PS4 is not really outselling the XB1 (or that the lead is closer than we think) and that Sony is hiding that fact and muddying up the issue... The article does not take that position and the article is really about why there is a 2:1 sales gap between the 2 systems.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF SMOKE AND MIRRORS: The obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information

AsheXII1576d ago

Seems a lot like the ps3 situation last gen, when the console was way behind the xbox 360. And it did overcome it at the end.

kowan1576d ago

It' a bit different as last gen the Ps3, even though it has already outsold the 360, currently has not or will most likely never catch up with 360 in NA and Europe where the 360 is leading with millions in sales gap. It is only thanks to the Asian market and other territories aside from the west that the ps3 has outsold the 360. This gen though, the Ps4 is leading in ALL territories including NA and Europe which has always been Xbox' main selling territories.

r2oB1576d ago

How is it like the PS3 situation last gen when the ONLY reason PS3 was behind in total sales was because it released a year later. The PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide pretty much every year which is why they were able to close the gap, then overtake them.

PS4 and Xbox One launched a month apart, pretty different scenario.

jaymacx1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

@r2oB that and the 600 dollar launch price.. But once price drops came ps3 was doing great.

Muzikguy1576d ago

Tbh I'm surprised it's ONLY been 2:1. This article is funny, talking about smoke and mirrors. Must not remember the Xbox reveal, or the multiple Xboxes in the cloud, or the unveiling of the Kinect, or all that TV talk...



The hate is thick,lol. It'll take a chainsaw to cut thru it!

UNKLE1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

PS4 dominate nothing! PC games its dominating everything! steam sales, nearly every game release on pc except sony exclusives and thats not many..If playstation want to survive its need more sony exclusive games like ps2 era was.. ohh good ol" times was.

Cha0tik1576d ago

This actually isn't true. Pirated versions of games are the only winners on the PC side. That and the fact that many big franchises on PC are always late to release to PC because of all the optimization it takes to work on the various system types. Sony, has a bunch of exclusives they just take more time to develop than it did in the PS2 era. I do agree that the PS2 era had much more though. I just don't know why you think PC is dominating. Consoles sale more games and systems because it simply takes more money to build a good rig and keep it up to date for the bigger games coming out. Then as for the games if I want to feed my RPG addiction I have no place for PC gaming. I own a gaming PC to play the various MMOs and free to plays that don't exist in the console world.

WishMeWell2591575d ago

PC is its own topic. Thats like PC and Mac and even then thats no contest in terms of gaming. A console is so much more enjoyable and interactive to everyone there. No one is watching me play my pc or have a bunch of people over playing games on a PC. Most of everyone that has a PC has a console.Consoles are also much safer in terms of viruses, gaming, hacking, and overall games. You have a lot more games and some r good, but most are crap. And you have Alpha games that takes years and years still dealing with the same bugs from the very beginning. And then you realize that this Indie developer just grab the money and ran and you brought a 1/3 complete game, if that
and like AZUSKE said...Pirates.

HanzoHattori1576d ago

"Smoke and mirrors" is a negative-sounding term but it might be accurate"- Translation - "I am completely delusional, but i'm going to write this article and hope no one notices."

Pogmathoin1576d ago

Today shall be declared St Sony day.... A worldwide bank holiday!

Azzanation1576d ago

You forget that the PS4 is also available in 50 more countries then the X1 (72+ compared to 13+) Now take those 50 countries away from the PS4 and see if the gap is still 2:1 and 3:1. PS4 will still be front however more then 1 year head start selling world wide is a very nice handicap. Id rather compare sales figures when its evenly matched in all markets. Not that I care since sales figures dont lead to quality. I game on Steam which just recently announced it has over 100+million active users. Now how about we compare the PS4 sales to Steam?

HanzoHattori1576d ago

You do know that in every market where both the PS4 and XB1 are available, the PS4 is still outselling the XB1. To continue to use that argument is redundant at this point in the console cycle.

WishMeWell2591575d ago

Steam never has to develop a new system every 10 years. O wait they tried and it flopped. It must be never to focus all your manpower to your service, and not systems are even games. Granted they do have some games out there, dont get me wrong but the last big was...L4D2, I honestly dont no so if Im wrong about that tell me but yea. They are a service

assdan1576d ago

People like there writer of this article are the why deductive reasoning is stupid.
The PS3 did well after a bad start,
the xbox one is doing bad,
therefore, the xbox one should do well!
That's horrible logic, and that's all I see from idiots like this. People fail to realize how different the situation is. The ps3 was released at too high of a price. that's the only reason it didn't start out great. Keep in mind, that ps3 wasn't doing as poorly as people seem to remember. It's average for first year sales were 250k-300k monthly. Not great, but better than the xbox one. The ps4 is destroying the xbox one right now, and there is no sign that this will change. The ps4 absolutely destroys the xbox one every single month. I think the xbox one barely beat ps4's sales one month in the US, and that's the extent of it's winning. he xbox one is not faring well, and there is no sign that this will change.

Eddie201011576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

BS article that the certain fanboy's will eat up. He fails to mention that Xbox One has sold better than the Xbox 360.

Part of the reason for greater sales of PS4 and Xbox One is that there was a longer period between generations. Another is people really do like Sony and if Sony hadn't made the mistake of being over priced and over complicated to develop for it would have outsold Microsoft by a huge margin last gen worldwide. This generation Microsoft made the huge mistakes DRM debacle (mixed messages, and I'm being nice), over priced and slightly under powered, having most of your games not be in 1080p is, if not visually, perceptually a disadvantage.

The numbers don't lie, Plus PS4 is selling more software world wide every month, except for the first month Xbox One was on sale. Some games 3 to 1, that's more than the 2 to 1 sales ratio of the two consoles.

Ridiculous article. This man is obviously being dishonest. written to get hits and does nothing for the gaming community.

greenlantern28141576d ago

Perhaps the sales of PS4 & XB1 can be easily explained if you look at gen 7.
360 was a huge success ps3 eventually made up some of its lost market share from ps2.
360 was out a year are more before ps3 that meant a lot of people wanting next gen systems didn't want to wait. And when ps3 did come out they like MS with XB1 made some big mistakes 600$ and get a second job come to mind. So many form ps fans went to 360.
Also for a time after both where out 360 had more games and they where great games like BIOSHOCK and Mass Effect. But then you must also realise that many people who owned 360 owned more than one 360. So maybe Xbox doesn't have as large a fan bas as MS thought.
And since this gen launch the roles where reversed PS got a lot if it's fans back.
Maybe it just that easy

avengers19781573d ago

I'd say you are dead on about user base. 360 sold 80 million but in reality there fan base is probably half that... I'd say any where from 37-45 million, and there die hard fans are probably less than 10 million

IaussieGamer1576d ago

100% a Xbot Article. Then again seams just about anyone can write a article now days.

ramiuk11576d ago

ps4 is doing so well because of what it is and what it offers.

the xb1 isnt doing to well because of lack of trust and what it offers.

its as simple as that.
i dont know anyone with a xb1 now ass there all using ps4 now and at last count there was about 20 with xb1 consoles which have swapped.

alot of xb1 problem imo is trust

McToasty2071576d ago

You realise the Xbox 360 and Wii U both had 100% leads at one stage as they both came out a year earlier than the competition. Currently the leader is PS4 which is why I bought one but in a couple of years who knows but it would take some colossal cock ups on Sony's half (were talking a repeat of the PS3's launch) and a huge initiative by Microsoft akin to 2007 when Halo 3,Bioshock and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare released (the first 2 as Xbox exclusives).

CorndogBurglar1575d ago

The PS3 came out a whole year after the 360 and was 600 bucks. That was the big difference last gen.

This gen, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot when they revealed the X1. Many Xbox fans jumped ship, myself included. This writer doesn't seem to understand that. Not to mention the PS4 outperforms the X1 in nearly every way. Those are clearly the two biggest contributing factors to Xbox's lacking sales. They simply made too many of their fans angry.

TAURUS-5551575d ago

we all know that the xbox1 is dead

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Paprika1577d ago

No offence, but I don't even need to click the link. Is the Xbox one currently not on the market and being outsold? If it is, its no illusion nor is there any reason to think its fake. Fact is, Xbox one will boost sales with sunset overdrive. Boost with halo, boost with quantum break... and so on. Eventually, Xbox one will probably beat ps4 in one months chart tally due to this. Overall the first 12 months are not about sales, as you have to maintain over 4-6 years, after 5 years good branding, advertising and management of a console will see you through. The first 12 months importance comes from appeal and setting the foundations. Ps4's sales are based heavily from how Sony market it, its done perfectly and millions believe in the brandm

Whitey2k1576d ago

your saying those games will boost x1 hardware i would only say halo and quantum break but u do realize ps4 will also see a boost with ffxv bloodbourne uncharted maybe no mans sky and the likes of free to play ganes like h1z1 deep down ps2 expecially dragon quest

Paprika1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I'm not starting an argument what will boost what and when etc. But simply stating it won't always be this way. Halo will boost numbers, likely beyond ps4 for that given month. Of course the same applies to ps4 lol uncharted will destroy sales for its month, as will halo.

A good way to put it into perspective, Is to take multi plat sales. Consistently selling more onps4. Total console sales matter, but its like measuring total members vs daily active members. Multi plat day one sales get way more "daily actives" on ps4. This matters massively for building its foundation.

Omegasyde1576d ago


True but the argument goes both ways. Also, I have a feeeeeeellling that Sony is going to market firmware 2.0.

The game sharing feature is going to be huge especially once word of mouth gets out.

Clarence1576d ago

No sir. The PS gets better with time. How do you think that the PS3 outsold the 360. It's the Xbox that starts to fall behind as the years continue to role on.

Mikelarry1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Did i miss something, would smoke and mirrors not be a scenerio where sony wasnt giving exact numbers about how much they are selling and instead saying " ps4 has doubled month on month" or ps4 players have killed 50 billion of reapers in destiny. You have cold facts to prove they are dominating no offence author but i am struggling to understand the point of this article

llxKonanxll1577d ago

The numbers are real. The sales are real. The consumers who buy the PS4 are real. It’s early success is due to the right decisions by the engineers and minds at Playstation. It could simply be a better perceived console than the Xbox One. I don’t see why anyone should be surprised by this observation.

Walker1577d ago

lol. and xbone will rise from the grave and beat ps4 in 10:1 ratio !