Non-Sony Android devices get access to Sony PS4 Remote Play thanks to new port

When Sony announced their new Xperia Z3 smartphones during IFA 2014, one of the new features included was PS4 Remote Play. This new feature meant owners of the new devices could use their Sony smartphones as a second screen for the their Sony PS4 gaming platform. Even better than that, users could continue to play PS4 titles remotely on their mobile device. This was some great news for gamers who had PlayStation 4 devices if they were going to invest in a new Sony smartphone. Unfortunately, a Sony spokesperson said the company had “no intent to bring remote play to any device other than Xperia” meaning a lot of PlayStation 4 owners would miss out on the feature. That may have changed now thanks to a new port developed by XDA member XperiaPlaystation who has figured out how to get it working with a much larger population of Android devices.

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Sir_Baron1578d ago

Article is incorrect, this is non tested, and no one knows if it works because the actual app required to do this isn't even released yet. So you could be flashing your phone for no reason at all.

SniperControl1578d ago

Also when you click the button, it says to wait for the Google play app.

ScottyHoss1578d ago

Must your phone be rooted for this to work?

SniperControl1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )


I'am afraid yes, the device needs to be rooted to run the CWM recovery.

Also note, rooting your devise will result in your manufacturer warranty being voided.

spacedelete1578d ago

if remote play was compatible with any android cell phone i would never have bought a Vita in the first place even though i've traded Vita in months ago.

Loktai1578d ago

Too bad the controls will suck without an addon controller and the screen will be smaller on many android devices... just saying the vita still seems a better option even if its bulkier to carry one around. I did hear it worked well on xperia though so time will tell I guess.

spacedelete1578d ago

there should be an external controller like other android controllers that you hook up and then use the touch screen to emulate the touch pad so you don't need a PS4 controller.

Loktai1578d ago

I didnt say PS4 controller did I ? I am saying you need a controller and thats still something additional. I wouldnt be shocked if it worked well but the Vita works perfectly.

So you need an android controller that will emulate 4 shoulder buttons and R3 and L3 plus a home button and option assuming the share function is a no-go. Its going to be a pretty bulky proposition and a vita is still better sorry to say.... the phone thing is just to get more people using remote play because the VITA didnt sell very many units and may never...(they called it Vita... get the hint companies names like VITA and WII U dont sell... people have no idea what it is!)

Gamble201578d ago

They have already said All you need is a DualShock 4 controller (that you presumably already own with the PS4) and a low cost mount that you simply snap on. So the controls are better on the Xperia because you get a true PS4 controller.

psplova1578d ago

MOGA says you're probably wrong or at the very least, misinformed, on this comment..

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ravens521578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

You sound silly space backspace. Vita is a great system and the analogs are very nice. You have analogs on your phone? Don't get how people can deny that it's the greatest handheld to come out ever...whoever does is in denial.

I understand about the games, still waiting on some aaa titles. Hope I get some at some point. I'm talking god of war vita, battlefield for vita, metal gear solid etc.

Spotie1578d ago

Yeah... you kinda failed here. The Vita will be the better option, period.

Dunno why people do stupid things like sell consoles that are still young. Would have been better to not buy one, rather than waste the money.

16bitNutritionist1578d ago

I'd much rather use remote play on my nexus 7 tab with my PS4 controller hooked up with a mini USB cable for a true experience compared to the vita for least I'd get my proper fricken L2 and R2 buttons then....and a bigger screen....and a proper pad....

Paprika1578d ago

Its just strange.... just damn well market the vita better Sony. Android requires a controller hooked up to play well, then a holder for the phone seeing as you're holding the control pad... its a shambles when the vita does it all just fine! Out of the box.

Gamer19821578d ago

2 issues though.
1 you don't need a holder for the phone and if you get this app for tablets you could just stand your tablet up.
2. Vita doesn't have L2 and R2 which if you ever played remote play means its really frustrating to use as you have to use the touch screen for those buttons and it doesn't work well. A pad solution would be a LOT better. At least until they somehow add L2 and R2 to the Vita.

kingPoS1578d ago

With proper hand grips, the rear touchpad on the Vita can be used easily enough.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Gamer19821578d ago

This is the thing with android the remote play feature will be an app and hackers will find a way to port it they always do. Its why I love android so much. Really want this feature on my Xperia Z2 which I recently purchased then was gutted when they announced the Z3 a week later.

Gamble201578d ago

Sony technically hasn't released the Xperia Z3 yet, so far as I know. It's only been announced although it is coming soon. That being said, that is unfortunate but Sony has not made any secret about their six month upgrade cycle.

Pinkdolphinyfg1578d ago

I already do this with the vita.