10 Games you need to play on the PlayStation TV

From the article, "The PlayStation TV is coming out on October 14, 2014, and this $100 micro-console needs to be on the wishlists of everyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription and spare DualShock 3 lying around. You may have passed on the Vita bandwagon for “reasons,” but now is your chance. The PlayStation TV won’t play every Vita game, but with about 700 games at launch, it’s a platform anyone who’s been stockpiling PSP and Vita Instant Game Library titles needs to pick up. This little box is going to allow you to experience some really great games, and these 10 games alone will make owning a PlayStation TV worthwhile."

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vongruetz2561d ago

No. I want to play none of those games on the PlayStation TV. But I will play Dragon's Crown, Rayman Origins, and God of War.

DualWielding2561d ago

if you want to play those on a TV, you'll be better off getting a PS3

vongruetz2560d ago

I have a PS3, but I have the games for the Vita. I want to play the games on the TV and then seamlessly switch it back to the Vita.

The PS3 is great, but it's not nearly as convenient.