5 Reasons Why Toad is Nintendo's Greatest Character

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "He is as ubiquitous a character as any in the Nintendo/Super Mario canon, and in many ways he has been underappreciated. What many people don't understand however is that he has a number of amazing attributes that make him absolutely delightful and unique."

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DiscoKid1485d ago

There's like millions of them. That's why he is underappreciated, because he has no individuality.

1485d ago
kingdip901485d ago

In the original super mario brothers manual it says that the subjects of princess toadstool (the toads) were turned into blocks....

Mario systematically murders them in almost all of his games. Thousands of them. Yet they stay friends of mario... not sure that lack of foresight is an endearing trait.

WeAreLegion1485d ago

Oh, no. They aren't friends with Mario. They are terrified of Mario. They also unionized, so Bowser won't work with them. They aren't bright.

shaw981485d ago

You do know that theory has been disproved right. There was so many errors and lies in that vid.

shaw981485d ago

They were turned back when you save peach. The ones you see and destroy are natural.

kingdip901485d ago

I'd like to see a source on that if you don't mind. I've been a pretty big mario fan since the 80's and have never seen any material that explains anything that happens after the princess is saves. Yoshi rides and cake baking aside.

shaw981484d ago


In the story, it is stated that Koopa (Bowser) invaded the toad town residence and turned all the toads at this location to items. It is stated in order for the toads to turn back to normal, Mario must save Peach to un break the spell.

This means that all the other blocks you encounter in the games are not toads. They are natural block creations. Remember how the story said Bowser did it in the Mushroom kingdom. I highly doubt Bowser went into space in the events of Super mario bros and put toads in certain places and turned them to bricks.

SteamPowered1485d ago

Hells no! I actually find Slippy from Star Fox to be less grating than this mushroom-head.
When all is said and done, Mario or Link would be the P4P star.

oof461485d ago

So what if he can't jump a lick. The fact that he call pull a plant faster than anyone in the Mushroom kingdom makes him the best.

Fatty1485d ago

He's good at pulling plants because Toadette doesn't put out.

oof461485d ago

Gotta find some way to let that frustration out.

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