Adventures of Pip Demo Impressions: The Power of Generations | TwoDashStash

Have you ever wanted to play a 2D sidescroller that runs the gamut of different graphical generations all at once? Well, Adventures of Pip is an upcoming game that just might be up your alley. Tictoc Games recently gave us access to an early demo of the 2D side scroller which is currently up on Kickstarter.

Adventures of Pip is a 2D side scrolling adventure where you play as Pip, a single pixel in a 32-bit world that is in danger after a villain known as the Skeleton Queen kidnaps the Princess of Pixel Kingdom. Being the only one with enough courage to stand up to the challenge, Pip sets off on an epic adventure to save the Princess and the Pixel Kingdom along with it. The story of the game seems standard ‘save the princess’ fair but the premise definitely weaves itself quite interestingly into the gameplay.

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