PS3 Fanboy: Criterion Collection heading to Blu-ray

PS3 Fanboy: "How did we miss this news? Thankfully, reader Simstim sent us a tip about the esteemed Criterion Collection moving to Blu-ray. Film buffs know the Criterion Collection houses some of the most treasured films, and each volume in the collection is handled with meticulous care. The quality of the packaging and video transfer is something true videophiles can appreciate.

Expect the first discs to begin rolling out in October:

* The Third Man
* Bottle Rocket
* Chungking Express
* The Man Who Fell to Earth
* The Last Emperor
* El Norte
* The 400 Blows
* Gimme Shelter
* The Complete Monterey Pop
* Contempt
* Walkabout For All Mankind
* The Wages of Fear

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