Oculus VR’s ‘Crescent Bay’ prototype shows why VR still has a long way to go

GamesBeat: The new Oculus Rift prototype feels incredible, but it also underscores why VR is going to need motion controllers that provide haptic feedback.

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ColManischewitz1485d ago

VR faces an uncanny valley of its own.

Gbits1485d ago

Oculus headsets multiply the "first person nausea" issue by a significant amount... it'll be interesting to see whether they manage to come up with tactile cues that help reduce the problem of your inner ear not agreeing with what your eyes are seeing.

asiatico1485d ago

i thought the recent prototypes of Oculus was supposed to have reduced the nausea aspect by a significant amount. but yeah they have to continue improving that if they want a retail version to succeed.

gangsta_red1485d ago

I remember when people on this site said they didn't want to flail their arms around using Kinect because they would look stupid.

But strapping a piece of machinery to your face and flailing your arms and head around as you stand in place (or grab virtual boobies) is suddenly okay?

asiatico1485d ago

the virtual reality makes all the difference imo.

fr0sty1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I don't want to flail my arms around just to make a character on a screen flail its arms around, as it is stupid. However, if I am fully immersed in another virtual world, I do want to be able to interact with that world.

SniperControl1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Nobody has to flail there arms around, i can sit quite happily sit on my couch playing half life 2 with the DK2(and controller). The game is a whole new experience using VR.

Playing Elite: Dangerous while sat on my couch using my DK2 is a amazing experience.

SteamPowered1485d ago

Once they figure this part of the puzzle there really isnt anything holding VR back. Im anxious to see who solves this issue first. Whether it be a peripheral such as a light-gun or light-saber (see what I did there) or dual thumbpad/controllers, the answer is out there.

GodGinrai1485d ago

I think kinect and VR would make a fantastic combination.