Surprise! Microsoft Finds Nintendo WiiWare Strategy 'Confusing'

Microsoft's Chris Satchell, general manager of the company's game developer group, has told SPOnG that Nintendo's WiiWare strategy is confusing and failing to "empower the gaming community".

Speaking to SPOnG at the GameHorizon conference in Newcastle yesterday, Satchell said:

"I've been a little confused by WiiWare... The more I look at it, the more I'm confused, because it sort of doesn't really look like something for independents.

"At best it's what we would call a registered developer programme."

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Silogon3775d ago

I'm confused by Nintendo as a whole but only half as confused as I am by their idiotic user base who buy cheap plastic add ons and peripherals like the wii fit and actually think they're doing themselves good.

Clue - Buy a treadmill, stair master, Tony little target training tape and stop being gay.

PS360WII3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Well yes I suppose he's a bit thrown off that big companies can finish WiiWare titles faster than indie devs. Along with the fact that big companies want to use WiiWare more then XBLA. It's okay Chris you can spin that disscusion to how fancy XNA is... Oh you already did good for you

Condoleezza Rice3775d ago

A confused Microsoft employee isn't something new;

AllroundGamer3775d ago

:D Shane Kim is the new Bill Gates, someone should throw a pie at his face, so the comedy would be complete :)

kindi_boy3775d ago

nothing more confusing i've seen this generation more than the 50 million microsoft paid for GTA IV DLC.

and Nintendo is obviously targeting kids and now moving on to women who knows what they might think of in the future... aliens ?

bama3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Kindi the point of GTA IV was not to gain profit but to stop Sony from gaining profit. They created the Xbox as a response to the PS wanting to replace computers.

"We posed that question to company-specific research firm Directions on Microsoft analyst Matt Rosoff. His answer in short:

“I don’t know.”

Still, he explained his uncertainty. “Remember that Microsoft partly entered the game console business for defensive reasons,” Rosoff said. “The company was concerned that a PlayStation successor would become the default gateway to networked entertainment in the home—Ken Kutaragi promised as much—and cut into consumer PC sales.”

He continued, “It's very hard to calculate the worth of a defensive business. I personally think Sony will have a really hard time with the PS3—fewer games at launch, $200 price premium, and yet they're losing more money per console than Microsoft is on the 360. More long-term, imagine no PlayStation 4 and how Microsoft might profit from such an environment.”"

RiseOfMonster3775d ago

When you're playing by the classic rules and someone comes along, flips everything on end and starts dominating.

ngg123453775d ago

By taking 30% of the developers game sales for having it on XBLA. This is so unreal..

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