Looking Back at Nintendo's 125 Year Legacy

To celebrate Nintendo's 125th Anniversary today, Gamer Headlines takes a look back at the company's highly influential legacy in the video game medium.

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Steve1billion1539d ago

I remember going to Zellers in Canada and buying Smash Bros. for the N64. I miss those old cardboard box game cases.

jeowulf1539d ago

I think I still have the shiny box that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time came in.

Retroman1539d ago

its-ashame-now-days-Nintendo-c ombine-all-characters-into-one- game-these-days.
rather-have-multiple-games-th an-just-one.

unknownbystander1539d ago

Nintendo, the company many people claim to be doomed since the 1800's.

nesiguess1539d ago

I was struck by Nintendo nostalgia 4 years ago trying to rebuild my nes library from when I was a kid...500+ nes cartridges later and not even close to a complete im going to go broke trying to finish it...long live the NES. The greatest console of all time..purely indestructible!

fonger081538d ago

lol me too, but around NES game number 250 my A.D.D kicked in and went in on Dreamcast/N64/PS1 games. I really need to learn to focus on one thin... squirrel!