Destiny - Best Place to Farm Rare and Legendary Engrams

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): With roughly two weeks of grinding in the bag, it's safe to say that we're addicted to the Rare and Legendary Engrams in Bungie’s Destiny. Of course, they never drop as quickly as we'd like, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were to hear about a new loot farming location even better than the last.

After hearing stories of Legendary Engrams being dropped like third period French, we jumped in with a few friends and gave it a shot. The hype is real, as we were able to score about 30 Rare Engrams, three Legendary Engrams and nearly 20,000 Glimmer. While we'd like to tell you that was a half hour of work, it was more like two or three.

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avengers19781485d ago

Every time I try farming for good stuff, I end up with crap... I'm level 24 and not a single legendary item( weapon, or armor) to speak of. I must have crap luck.

Maxor1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

It's the game that's crap, not your luck. I must've have turned in a dozen legendary ingrams to get a single one, all the rest are blues. Just wait until you decrpyt an exotic into an item for a different class. It'll crush your soul. It's like they designed this game to spit in your face at every turn.

DaMist1485d ago

oh man this happened to me. tĥis past weekend i spent 24 motes of light i believe for an exotic engram and i got an exotic chest armor for a a titan. all other legendary ive decrypt that were actually legendary and not rare were for a warlock.

InTheLab1485d ago

What I don't get is why this game is so grindy. Most games with a subscription used to make drops ridiculous like this but I just think this is Bungie's way of stringing you along to the next Expansion drops.

mochachino1485d ago

Yeah Bungie is definitely trolling with the class useless legendary items.


Same happened to me have been playing a warlock, the first and only legendary I have was for a titan, I should probably level up a hunter as well just in case, we'll see (I kinda went back to Diablo 3 for a bit), I like Destiny's gameplay, but it just doesn't feel rewarding enough, I'll get back to it eventually.

AiirJordann231484d ago

I have 4 legendaries and one exotic for a warlock, but im a titan. I only manage to get one exotic for the the Titan and 5 legendaries for the titan, but 3 of those I bought from dead orbit. Overall I have had maybe 15 or so legendaries turn blue or turn into motes or strange coins. Funny how agent of the nine always have exotics for a different class. This game pisses me off.

levian1484d ago

The game has to be this grindy, because there simply isn't much content so they hold you over with a gear grind.

I was lucky enough to get a legendary handgun on my first legendary engram, while my friend has decrypted at least 10 and gotten all blues. I have also got a legendary scout rifle from a blue engram, so I guess I'm pretty lucky (which is insanely strange for me in a game).

Kidmyst1484d ago

I got my very first Legendary anything and it was an armor piece for a Warlock and I'm a Titan, so I put it in my vault in case I ever start a Warlock character and get them to level 20. Figure I'll save them for that reason.

theDivision1484d ago

It's because they want this game to last for 10 years. They made it random and stuff to encourage you to branch out into different classes. I got the exotic chest for the warlock and switched and actually like him better than my hunter so far. You just have to be patient it will come. If you really want legendaries fast join a faction. Spend maybe 1-2 hours a day doing challenges and within 2 weeks AT THE LATEST you will have enough for two legendary pieces or a legendary head armor. (the head pieces are twice as expensive.)

lex-10201484d ago

I've gotten 5 Legendary items in 30 hours of play time. 1 was for a titan, 2 for a hunter, and 2 were motes of light. I'm a warlock. I was so pissed.

XBLSkull1484d ago

Best place to farm legendary and rares is on PS4!

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Freeball1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Same here. Legendary drop rates are atrocious for me. Haven't seen a single on yet and currently at level 23.

@ Maxor, it's bad enough that out of 5 rares, 2 turned green on me. I can't imagine what I'll feel like when I turn in a legendary and get a blue.

ScottyHoss1485d ago

Got a legendary... Decrypted into the very first gauntlet you get as a Hunter.. I'm a titan. Same as well, 2 legendary armour pieces through decryption, both warlock. Thank goodness guns are universal.

SonyMontana1485d ago

You need to pick a faction and buy and equip the factions class item. From there complete bounties, patrols and PVP to level up your rank in the faction. You can then used crucible marks earned in PVP to buy Legendary items from that specific faction. You can do this with any and all factions and they all sell different gear, so you're not just locked into one.

ramiuk11484d ago

turned in 19 leg engrams other day and not one was a leg item.
loot system is a joke.

Sheikah1484d ago

The best surefire way to get them, is to do the quests, dailies and PvP events.. You can get 2 guaranteed legendaries (head + chest) in 60 minutes by doing the Queen's Wrath atm.

Then you can farm the crucible for 130 marks and get boots + gloves. That way you're kitted out.

lex-10201484d ago

It's not guaranteed to get a legendary. The loot tables contain 3 Rare guns and 2 Legendary Armors, however it is a high chance. I played three missions and got 2 helmets and 1 chest.

AKS1484d ago

It took me awhile to get one, but once you get the Vanguard and/ or Crucible rank up from doing bounties, you can just buy all legendary stuff if you want.

I currently just have a single exotic launcher and can buy rank 2 Vanguard gear. You can only equip 1 exotic weapon and 1 exotic piece of armor at a time, so don't sweat the exotic stuff so much. I'd love to have an exotic chest piece or helmet and an auto rifle or scout rifle, but legendary is still very good.

Man_Marmalade1484d ago

I got an exotic launcher while playing crucible matches.

Jaqen_Hghar1484d ago

A man just got his first legendary (FINAL BOSS sniper rifle) from a blue engram. Don't give up!

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Still like the game but I've been grinding for the longest like everyone and FINALLY received a legendary engram for a lvl. 20 hunter. That would be great but I'm a lvl. 22 warlock...smh.

UnHoly_One1485d ago

Maybe it's just me, but why is everyone in such a hurry?

The game has been out two weeks.

If loot drops worked the way everyone seems to think they should, we would all have 3 maxed out characters already.

Kings4L1485d ago

I agree, getting legendary is supposed to be near impossible to get. People are just impatient and not willing to go through the grind.

Razjin1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Coming from playing mmo's this is the norm which is why you grind in any type of game that plays like an mmo. So you just got to be patient with it I mean if you don't get what you need and you're not going to use the other classes later on dismantle it so when you do get your gear you can at least level it a bit.

ScottyHoss1485d ago

Agreed, I'm making a warlock specifically for my 2 pieces of legendary gear. It's sad when your only level twenty is a titan, but the more I play the more I realize that's an encouraging factor to make more guardians (first RPG/MMO ever for me, I'm not used to the "grind" but I'm enjoying it, thought it would be worse).

Sheikah1484d ago

Yeah... and the best way to get them is by playing the game, the way it's meant to be played...

Grind for gear, get rep etc. I'm a casual, and I'm only lacking a legendary main weapon. Queen's Wrath did help, tho.. Saving for a pair of PvP gloves atm :)

Drekken1484d ago

I missed the entire first week and I just hit 26 last night. Once I level up my new legendaries I am sure I will be 27. I don't get the whining.

Jaqen_Hghar1484d ago

A man wishes! Gotta get that platinum!

TM3331484d ago

I agree with you 100% I'm loving the game and am only lvl 16, with one character (Warlock). I only get maybe 1 hr a night during the week to game, and 3 to 4 on the weekends, so this is perfect for me. I always like to take it slow and enjoy it:) Plenty of other responsibilities to tend to.

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kurruptor1485d ago

Enough with the god damn articles about the farming spot. I think the first 10 got the point across.

Zeniix1485d ago

Believe me if they ever make it easier to farm and people max to 30 everyone will start crying about how easy it was, same shit happened with Diablo.

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