Smoke and Ermac were revealed for MKX months ago

Smoke and Ermac seem to have been revealed in MKX months ago, are these clues confirmation?

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XBLSkull1488d ago

That is my top 2 guys right there, nice.

LackTrue4K1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

what confirmation....its just a play style, this article is just full of fail.

you need something more this just added smoke in a another fighters style....i want to see a full character.

mrmonk1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I really hope ermac's in there hes my favourite character!

Freddy_Millz11488d ago

They are going to need a good explanation for Smoke's return if they are continuing the story line form 9.


Those of u that know, Smoke and the rest of Earth warriors (Minus Johnny and Sonya) were all murdered by Sindel when she showed up at their base on the rag. I let the return of Sub-Zero slide cuz he's supposedly another descendant in the family tree. But seeing as how the Lin Que were converting all its remaining forces to cyborgs, THAT TOO is full of holes! So ur gonna tell me that Smoke had a brother with similar powers too that also dodged the cyborg initiative?
Im confused as a dog right now!