Dark Sector teaser

Remember, it was a quite a long time ago, Dark Sector was the first Xbox 360 title ever announced. Back then it was a futuristic action/stealth game with a very interesting graphics style. Well the developers of Digital Extremes definitely changed their idea of the game, like you'll be able to see for yourself with this very nice teaser trailer.

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Sphinx4375d ago

...but I think some people forget that next-gen visuals need to be met by next-gen gameplay. I hope this game has both a plenty.

NubreedLive4375d ago

correct me if im wrong but didn't IGN posted that Dark sector was the fist PS3 title announced? or did they announced it at the same time on both systems?

Asuka4375d ago

it was announced as the first next-gen title, period. It was never stated for what consoles at the time

specialguest4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

they took this game to a whole different direction. originally, it was set in an outer-space environment. now it's in a post apocalyptic world. which scene would be better? i don't know, but both scenes are kinda played out.

this game might end up being very fun and great, but c'mon developers, give us something fresh and original.

LilClaw4374d ago

I think the author got the impression that it was announced for the 360 first because of the E3 2005 trailer showing the games that will be showcased on the Xbox 360.

Anyways, I was wondering where this game went. It looks cool and all, but I'm wondering why the ditched the original concept of the game.

MissAubrey4374d ago

I'm still intersted in this game though.

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The story is too old to be commented.