Pinball Arcade Interview: Xbox One Version "Within A Month" (Fingers Crossed)

In this exclusive Q&A with Pinball Arcade art director Jason Juneau and lead designer Bobby King, they discuss how they make tables and when we might see them on the Xbox One.

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theXtReMe11579d ago

Total BS that the Xbox One is holding up table releases for the PS4 version, which launched almost a year ago. The developer signed an Xbox One first agreement with Microsoft, to release tables first on their new system. Yet, the game was released first for the PS4. Makes absolutely no sense. Ive been wondering why we havent seen season two tables release, now I know. The PS5 will be out before they release everything that has been out for last gen systems and the PC. Not to mention, bring new tables to the system.

Foehammer1579d ago

Kinda like Destiny, but that's what $$$ does, be it MS or Sony.

beerhound1579d ago

I believe it was the great philosopher Lauperus who said, " changes everything..."