First Scan of 360 exclusive, Raiden IV

First scan showing the recently confirmed 360 exclusive Raiden IV.

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ice_prophecy3774d ago

Its exclusive?

*tear*... I grew up with that... Please let it come to arcade machines. I refuse to play this on a console...

thereapersson3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

They released Raiden III in the arcades, as well as the PS2 and on the PC (!). I am not surprised that they have gone with the next-gen console route. If exclusivity is confirmed, which we actually need to see confirmation, or have someone who can read Japanese verify this, it is yet another good game in the 360's lineup that we can count on. On the other hand, this game came from a lineage that has long been forgotten about by all but the most faithful arcade shooter fans. I am doubting that this will make it out of Japan, let alone manage to make a big financial gain if it were to be released here in America.

We shall see if this expands to really make a difference in the US gaming market.


Anyone remember Raiden Fighters? That game was SICK in the arcades... I really think it was the best of the series.

ice_prophecy3774d ago

Does anyone remember 1941?

thereapersson3774d ago

I love the strikers / 1941 games. In fact, i'm going to go play them on my MAME emulator right now!

Thanks for the memory trip...

insane_cobra3774d ago

"Anyone remember Raiden Fighters?"

Raiden Fighters is also on the 360 :)
But no American/European publisher as of yet. Come on Ubi, Atlus, anyone, bring it over.

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1stKnighT3774d ago

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeah!!!!!!!!!! The 360 is taking care of me!

ice_prophecy3774d ago

the fact that you like it, makes me assume you are a fellow old git?

thereapersson3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


Okay, I guess that was a little excessive. I will exercise restraint and edit this for civility reasons. I still stand behind my beliefs, however...

LastDance3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

dude you dont have to be hostile...chill out. It's good to get excited...what is it not 'cool' to be excited for something....This world is dull enough with out the suppression of FUN and ENJOYMENT. doesnt matter who acts like what on here...I mean...if we all met in person would anyone actually hold a grudge against another? ...

thereapersson3774d ago

Sure is a lot of negativity directed towards fellow gamers on this website who just want to be excited about their games, isn't there? I suppose that was a little harsh, but 1stKnight really does act like a big troll whenever he can get the chance. I'm sure there will be others who would jump on the opportunity to do just that.

green3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

That was so uncalled for.If anything you sound pretty jealous that 1stknight is getting alot of satisfaction from his 360.

I know your not but seriously that comment was not necessary.

EDIT: you may not like some of his previous comments but he said absolutely nothing wrong in his comment.He did not bash another console but only stated how he felt about his console.If he said something negative about the ps3 or wii and you attacked him i will be in support of your attack 100%.

And also if i may add, my console takes pretty good care of me as well, especially when i am bored.

thereapersson3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

It was a little unnecessary of me to say that. But on the other hand, I know you folks see the constant trolling he used to do. That doesn't make it any better, but just know there is another side to his commentary.

@ LastDance:

You are right. Sometimes I think some of us spend too much time on this website (or the internet) that I really believe there are those who would take it to the physical realm.

1stKnighT3774d ago

What I miss? Is it another verbal attack? No biggie. I get childish attacks on me all the time. As you can see, I said nothing to warrant a verbal attack. It just shows the mindset of the people in here.

mistertwoturbo3773d ago

Yeah the mindset of some people.

"it's more about jealousy since Sony has nothing at the level of Halo." -1stKnight

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tudors3774d ago

I am sure he only meant that he was getting the games that he wants, also please read the "Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines" which you should know by now.

Condoleezza Rice3774d ago


On a slightly off-topic note,is anybody else experiencing Refresh issues with FF3?

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