WorthPlaying Preview - 'Unreal Tournament 3' (X360)

WorthPlaying writes: "There is nothing more frustrating to a video gamer as a delay. We watch the release date of a title inch forward, place a deposit at the local game store, look at every screenshot and read every magazine article, only to have something cause the release date to be pushed back another six months. It's the deepest circle of video gamer hell. Something even worse than that is when unexpected delays cause a multiplatform game to come out on every system but your chosen one. This was the case with Unreal Tournament 3, where the Xbox 360 version was held back from release due to a conflict between Microsoft's Xbox Live rules and what Epic Games wanted to do with fan-created content. It's been a long six months for Xbox 360 owners, but at long last, the wait is almost over."

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Silogon3960d ago

PC/Ps3 keyboard, mouse, mod support > xbox 360 no keyboard, no mouse, no mod support.