Raiden IV Confirmed for Xbox 360

1UP reports: For fans of oldschool shooters, Raiden should require no introduction whatsoever. As shoot-'em-ups go, it's among the more approachable series in what's a notoriously unapproachable genre for many -- with only a few types of weapon power-ups and a difficulty level that starts out simple and gets challenging on a nice, leisurely curve, it's a nice introduction to the genre as a whole. And Xbox 360 owners will have a chance to get acquainted very shortly -- Raiden IV developer Moss has announced a September 11 release date in Japan for the 360 port of their arcade shooter.

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Silogon3777d ago

It has no place on xbox live to the masses.That's the problem with xbox live and it's games, they have a 90% saturation ratio. The games on xbl rarely sell well for a number of reasons.

1 - They're too many of them
2 - you can only play them if you're online and partake in certain features
3 - They're too old and unfamiliar to most anyone who actually uses the xbox 360.
4 - 95% of the games on xbox live can be had for free if you know anything at all about emulation and so many people do.

PSN games, however, as few as they are at the moment are 95% original products. Qbert, MK2,Rampage,Rampart,Sprint car, are the only games that can actively be gotten on an emulator.

That is why the PSN is a better service in the end in terms of games. They're new games and they strive for a level of fun and interactivity most games on other services don't. Sure some suck, some are average and some don't last long enough but you can't argue against Everyday shooter, High Velocity bowling and a slew of others.

davidadrake3777d ago

Not really news, we have known for a long time that this would be released in Japan, but hopefully it will be release in the U.S. also.