Destiny Secret Tips 5: How To Reach Level 30 Using These 7 Steps

As the famous quote goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." In regards to Destiny there is a lot of venturing to do, but these 7 steps could help you reach the ambitious level 30 sooner than you think.

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EdnaJones971580d ago

This is an awesome tip. Its great to get a guide that actually shows you what steps needs to be taken to reaching level 30. I am at level 23 and can't wait to hit 26 to get inside the Glass Vault.

joab7771580d ago

I just wanna know how to get to level 25. Been on 24 for 5 days. I've got 1 purple item, a sniper. I've almost fully leveled my voidwalker and sunsinger, and have resorted to farming (though w no luck at all).

I will buy items this weekend but I know as soon as I buy something, my 1st purple will b that.

1580d ago
Webbyy1580d ago

As a level 24 hunter ,I finally got a legendary item yesterday..but it was for the TITAN class!
I wanted to cry lol :-p

lex-10201580d ago

Light. Your light level is what determines if you level up. I've found that crucible gives you easy marks. So get your crucible rank up to 2 and then you can buy 1-2 legendary gear per week. Also strange coins. Try to get 13 so you can get the class specific exotic from Xii (or whatever his name is).

--Onilink--1580d ago

honestly, the fastest way is to level up a faction. You can do strikes, patrol or crucible (plus bounties of course) and all the points will go to the faction rank.

Also for armor you need rank 2 not 3.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I farmed for 8hrs or more got 40 rare engrams and 10 legendary engrams and 90 vanguard marks and my level didn't move at all and only got 1 real legendary out of it and it was a useless rocket launcher. Than right after that I got a exotic rocket launcher. Game is evil. Figured out that I have to do 40 more bounties just to unlock access to one piece of legendary vanguard armor.( all I can afford even though I've done over 100 public missions. So many hoops to jump through to level up you're light. Already done like 100 of the repetitive bountys. I'm def starting to realize why destiny got crappy reviews. Biggest flaw is the fact that you get a green engram its always a green you get a blue engram it it could be a blue piece of armor or gun but it's probably going to turn out to be a green or a strange coin. Than if you get a legendary engram 90% of the time it will be a coin or a blue possibly a green. Worst dropping system ever. Pretty much after 25 you get zero rewards for grinding useless blues after useless blues can't access any legendary equipment due to not having enough rep even tho you have enough vanguard marks. Just figured out after 8 hrs of farming that in destiny it's all chance and no matter how much time you put into the game it won't matter. Bungie just shoves those repetitive bounties and public events down you're throat so you can actually get legendary items and not just fake legendary engrams with specific type of armor or weapon pictures on the engram that turn out to be opposite of what the picture and color represent.

Mega241579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Do Queen's Bounties, she gives favors after you complete the Queen's Wrath and you have a token, she will grant players legendary gear.


This morning I got 3 rare engrams, and 2 legendary, both legendary game me strange coins, but the 2 of the 3 rares gave me The Culling(legendary Machinegun) and a legendary sniper. When I turned in my Queen's Bounties, I got awarded my second Exotic Bounty, this time I chose Bad Juju.

Silver3601579d ago

You are so right I purchased legendary gauntlets for my warlock then got a legendary gauntlet drop. This game's loot system will kill it as soon as other shooters come out.

SonyMontana1579d ago

You need to pick a faction and buy and equip the factions class item. From there complete bounties, patrols and PVP to level up your rank in the faction. You can then used crucible marks earned in PVP to buy Legendary items from that specific faction. You can do this with any and all factions and they all sell different gear, so you're not just locked into one.

Randostar1579d ago

I bought a legendary chest and gloves. Out of the 20 legendary engrams iv gotten none of them have been gloves or chest. Dont be afraid to spend some Vanguard points, otherwise they're just sitting there.


The whole farming thing can be very hit and miss..

which is why you have vendors that also sell legendary gear.

If you are not having much looking finding stuff, why wait around for luck to happen. If you are going to grind, you may as well grind patrol missions, get your vanguard experience up to 2 then grind the weekly points from the strike playlist and start buying your gear.

If you play more PVP, then you do the same there.

I am a level 28. I really have not had any trouble leveling up at all.

I didn't wait to find my first legendary, I got it from the Vanguard.

RyanShutup1579d ago

Do the "Queen's Emisary" bounties that are now available from the bounty npc, when you complete them turn them in for bounty tokens, once you have them (they'll show up in the missions section of your inventory) you can play a special randomized mission by selecting the "queens emissary" mission on the top left column of the world map. If you beat it you get guaranteed legendary armor/weapons for your class (did 4 yesterday) and got 4 legendaries... every person on my team did as well.

Get it!

MEGANE1579d ago

U need armor that contain Light!... try to buy a peace of exotic armor from the Weird looking vendor that only shows up during the weekends and do a lot of bounties. and of course, try u luck at the cave for any legendary gear(purple).

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TRD4L1fe1580d ago

I would suggest not going in the raid till you're 27, at 26 you are taking 40% extra damage

Ozmoses1579d ago

the only thing that stops you is the rare materials...

I.E - Ascendant Shards/Ascendant Energy...

the other plant specific stuff is easy... just got to farm..

for the RARE materials..... play the DAILY MISSION on LVL 26 for 1 Shard or Energy... play on LVL 28 for 2 Shards or Energy..

I also believe you can receive RARE materials for completing public events also... But they are guaranteed if you beat the DAILY mission on the harder difficulties..

another tip is to not try and fully max one out right away.. when you finally get to the part for spending the rare materials... choose one, the choose another, and so on... so the light boost is constant across your armor. like increase the gloves 1 time, then the boots, then the helm, then the chest and then do the same thing again.

DARK WITNESS1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Good tip,

that is one of the things I have been doing, also if you breakdown a legendary item you get ascendant material from it.

when I get legendary gear I don't want I break it down. Then use it to rank up the gear I use.

patelsanjeed1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

And they said this game had little replay value. Reviewers who scored Destiny down should be chewing their keyboards and their fingers by now. This game rocks! I just hit level 26 today, but had to stop to go work to pay rent or else I'd be playing Destiny in the streets. LMAO

Glass Vault here I come.

Septic1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Fair enough if you're enjoying the game. Don't get swayed by reviewes of others too much. Ultimately your opinion is the most important one.

admiralvic1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

How does this prove anything against the reviewers? Like this article talks about doing what the person there did, but none of that will ACTUALLY get you anywhere, which makes me wonder why anyone would praise this article (it's more so news that someone capped, which isn't even arguably newsworthy on N4G).

To give you an idea, the game has relatively 3 soft caps before you hit the final hard cap. The first is level 20, which is when you need light armor to progress, then at 24 / 25 you obtained the most rare can offer you and need legendary or better and to progress beyond level 29 you need raid gear to move forward.

Now it's important to note that BGTV N3AC3Y either found some way to cheat, is the luckiest person in the *** damn world or did something that is no longer showing (this is extremely unlikely). While I don't want to push the notion they cheated, as I don't know how someone would go about it in Destiny, but for them to have all the gear they got with all the data listed, they would have to not only get 7 legendary drops from the raid, but the exact 7 drops needed to make the "perfect" character, which seems pretty unlikely.

I mean, it's possible, but it stretches the imagination that they just so happened to get at least 3/4 of the Hunter armor pieces, the Hunter class item, primary weapon and special weapon in a maximum of 9 runs in the raid (1 for when it was added, 2 for both characters [though the second run requires you to do it at level 30, which people have enough problems doing at level 26] and another 2 for both characters because the raid reset less than 12 hours ago), though this also assumes the person was able to not only do the raid all these ways, but managed to do them all successfully this way or at least got most of their drops upfront. Anyway, I don't want to rant on about this all day, but the long and short is that this person was probably just absurdly lucky to the point where they were a statical anomaly.

But back on topic, I don't see what this has to do with reviewers misgauging the game. You ultimately just do the same things a bunch of time like any other RPG, but there just doesn't seem to be as much or as much deviation in Destiny.

Frankskint1580d ago

Great, now all I have to do is tell my boss I will be taking a two week vacation to put some hours into getting to that BIG 30. Yeehah!

LazyGoron1580d ago

Silly article, it just lists the stats from the one person who hit 30. It took HIM 107 hours, HE played 26% of his time in the crucible, HE played the raid for 14 hours...

None of this might apply to the next level 30 person. I am sure there are people who play 75% crucible, do the raid a few times, and that's it and eventually they'll be a level 30.

IMO this is poor journalism. He took facts from another article and spun them around to try and create a different story. Personally I do not respect that.

achmetha1580d ago

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henrythomas2841580d ago

Well I appreciate the tip. Most gamers starting out this week will probably feel lost on what to do and where to begin. I think being able to have some guidance on what they need to do to even get to level 30 is very helpful.

There are dozens of info streaming in on Destiny all the time and most tend to be people b*tching and moaning about why Destiny is so lame.

I would rather read how to become a better player in the game than read the negative comments the game still keeps getting.

Just my two cents from a Destiny Fanboy.

UnHoly_One1580d ago

There aren't any "tips" in this article at all, though.

If they wanted to make a real article about this guy they should have broke down what armor he has, where it comes from, how much light was on it, how many ascendant shards it will require to level it up, etc...

Giving us his gameplay stats tells us nothing.

I've played more hours than him and have twice as many kills and I'm a 28.

LazyGoron1579d ago

"I've played more hours than him and have twice as many kills and I'm a 28."

This is an example of the broken loot system. You've done more than him, given more of your time to Bungie's game, and how do they reward you? With random sub-par things you don't need.

The fact is is that the "first person to 30" really is the first person who got the luckiest drops. Very sad.

TRD4L1fe1580d ago

currently lvl 28 and the only way I see anybpdy hitting 30 is by getting raid gear

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