'There is a piracy problem on PSP'

MCV: President of SCEE David Reeves says platform holder is set to unveil new clampdown

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ice_prophecy3962d ago

The Clampdown on your panties ^^.

Perverted3962d ago

Some people have been living under rocks for a few years and have no idea...Piracy sells hardware so Sony should be happy. Just means less games so the real gamers should be sad.

JoelR3961d ago

"The Sun Rises in the East" as a statement of fact


"We Only Pirate Because of the Price" being used as an excuse

more like "no duh" statements...

Xakep3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Lawls, they'll have to put in some pretty hardcore security features in the next firmware, as well as some crazy incentives to make people WANT to upgrade. Otherwise everyone will just wait until the FW is cracked and the CFW is available. I'm not losing my homebrew for bs. I'd use OFW if any of these conditions are met (which are not likely):

I. PSN access on PSP finally, so I can chat with my friends without having to remote play into my PS3.
II. In-game XMB access on PSP (hahahahaha).
III. Some user generated game tool for PSP essentially allowing anyone who has the system the capabilities of developing games for it.

All of those are pipe dreams, the first one could actually happen, the second I don't see happening on THIS PSP, and the third might not ever but it'd be cool if it did.

I always figured Sony knew how prevalent the piracy was on PSP but was allowing it so they can get their systems out there. In that aspect they've been succeeding. Even though the DS sales still outnumber the PSP at a little over 2/1, the name and the system is out there now for the next round.

Now it won't be as much as an uphill battle since they've already proven to be a contender in the handheld market against Nintendo, which has not been done since the Gameboy launched.

For the next PSP they just need to do the requisite upgrades, add some sweet features to keep people from WANTING to hack it to all hell, and the rest will follow.

Silogon3962d ago

David Reeves is next to leave Sony's camp.

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The story is too old to be commented.