The Future of Final Fantasy on Vita Depends on Fan Demand

Final Fantasy could come to Vita, if players are vocal enough, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata told IGN. If it were in his hands, a portable Final Fantasy game would be all about multiplayer.

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KrisButtar1485d ago

"a portable Final Fantasy game would be all about multiplayer." Thanks but No Thanks

theshonen88991485d ago

This whole thing with third party developers and the Vita is so hypocritical. PSP had Crisis Core and Dissidia and ended up selling over 70 million units. Square Enix, like every other third party developer, gives the Vita a port of a PS2 game. Then they raise their hands and claim "it's just doesn't have games!" or "it doesn't have enough sales!" Who the hell is going to buy a Vita for PS2 ports? Assassin's Creed, Uncharted and Call of Duty made original games and those have sold around 1 million units.

Are these people aware of the phrase "self-fulfilling prophecy?"

knifefight1485d ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 had multiplayer.

They should put Final Fantasy Type-0 on Vita. I wonder if they've thought about that.

Hold_It1485d ago

They were going to as (I can't remember his name) in charge of the Vita Localization team tweeted he stayed up countless nights to get the ok from Square Enix and they told him that it was coming to Vita then they turned around and said PS4/XB1 only.

3-4-51485d ago

Dear Video Game Developers,

We never stopped liking certain types of games, you just stopped making them.

We can't buy, that which does not exist.

* Make more Single player Tradition RGP's please.

- Normal Random sword guy, no pervy boob characters, or annoying squeaky voiced anime characters.

Just a traditional FF4 or Legend of Heroes type of game.

ALL there are is Niche rpgs for Vita.

Can we get a basic normal game.....just one even.

I mean there is Ys....and then.............

Reaon1485d ago

I agree with what you said, except for the no pervy boob characters. Everybody likes boobs.

ajkula1484d ago

I agree except i don't want turn based gameplay, i like real time...

rainslacker1484d ago

You'd think the success of Bravely Default would tell them that there is a market for classic JRPG's. Ys was awesome on the Vita, despite being a remake, it's one of the best games on there. Then P4G and god knows how many other JRPG's actually seem to be quite popular on the system.

If I weren't a JRPG fan, I'd probably be disappointed in the Vita, but since I am, it has a lot to offer for me.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1484d ago

so you wouldn't mind a port of Final Fantasy Explorers on 3DS to Vita.

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Canthar1485d ago

Just give us a real FF on Vita. No multiplayer spin off crap.

Double_Oh_Snap1485d ago

A new Dissidia on Vita would be awesome to see.

Godmars2901485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Boy. The one time I don't really need to read the full article to disagree with it.

Also, in regards to wanting an RPG only to get a multiplayer game, the need to shout expletives for the next half hour...

It is past time for me to give up on Square.

Roccetarius1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I'm surprised you, or other people didn't already. :P

It has been a downward spiral for Square over time.

Double_Oh_Snap1485d ago

Not yet... I hate how Tabata is talking but still we get to play it in march. That is when you decide. Plus if you leave now you won't know if XV incorporates actual airship travel like versus promised. I remember you were really about to get mad if they didn't.

Godmars2901485d ago

Except we're not talking about FF15. We're talking about some arrogant a-hole who's saying that if fans of a single player RPG franchise want a multiplayer entry on handheld platform, that they have to beg - buy - a console game.

Again, haven't read the full article, the teaser paragraph was more than enough to seriously piss me off, but I'm detecting some major detached derangement going on.

I only bought and played through most of FF13. Not FF13-2 or FF13-3. Was trying to give FF15 a chance - okay, honestly not much of one - but what with they're talking about now, there just isn't any point.

Square isn't talking to me.

ajkula1484d ago

@godmars wanna agree 1000x

Paprika1485d ago

Portable final fantasy, yes please. If its a tactics game or something serious. Nothing like an android only game. Crisis core, type-0 etc, those types I'd love more of.

GodEater2_Wait1485d ago

I would love Type-0 style game on the PSVita but
i can see SE taking FF: All the bravest to the PSvita already....

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