Chrono Trigger Retrospective Review

Colton Onderwater at GameCloud Australia writes:

"It didn’t take long to figure out why Chrono Trigger is still held in such high regard. The game kept me engrossed the entire way through, and in my opinion, is every bit deserving of its accolades. From stunning aesthetics to a very fun combat system, Chrono Trigger does extremely well to engross the player in its universe. This game has held up remarkably well despite its age, providing an experience all fans of the RPG genre should play, and then re-play!"

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XXXL1574d ago

My favorite of all time. Simply perfect

3-4-51574d ago

Still need to play this....going to get it on DS i think.

HighResHero1574d ago

I have the DS version. I think it's the way to go if you want a physical copy of that gem and don't want to pay $100 US for the SNES version.

gootimes1574d ago

Just played through this again, so amazing.