FIFA 15: How EA Sports got its tactics wrong

VideoGamer: "The latest FIFA can play a wonderful game of football, but a combination of poor on-pitch changes and a lack of investment outside of Ultimate Team hampers the experience."

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Scrivlar1486d ago

Oh dear, that's the impression I got from the demo and I'd hoped they would have addressed it. I would be torn between trying to score a nice finish knowing the keeper was probably going to save it, and cutting it across to my strike partner for an open goal to ensure the win, sure I still won the games but the fun factor from scoring wasn't quite the same as previous Fifa games.

SniperControl1486d ago

No offense to my Canadian cousins, but ea need to give this game to a top european footballing nation to develop.

nfl1486d ago

Well. I said ill give fifa a chance for 2 months. If in that time it fails. Ill sell and get pes 2015 instead. If it is improved!!!

Rocky51486d ago

:-/ I find it not to difficult to score, maybe he should turn off assisted for shooting (since most time it goes straight at the keeper) & do what I do use manual for everything, makes the game so much better. (Once you get used to shooting in manual.

1nsomniac1486d ago

I'm hearing a lot of people claiming they have the game & saying it's rubbish because of the goalkeepers. Although the day 1 patch notes say goalkeeper AI has been rebalanced.

Are these complaints including the day 1 patch?

Palitera1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I'd like to know it as well.

Which one is the busiest forum for Fifa? I usually use GameFaqs, but it simply doesn't work for Fifa...

1nsomniac1486d ago

From the demo I havnt had an issue with goalkeepers. Probably played about 10 games, none of which have ended 0-0. Last game I just played finished 2-2 with me pulling back 2 goals in the second half.

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