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VideoGamer: "There's a sublime game of football in here, but overpowered goalkeepers and a lack of innovation sour the experience."

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1nsomniac1487d ago

Never seen a FIFA game get that low a score. Are we seeing a return to realistic reviewing/scoring??

Myst-Vearn1487d ago

each FIFA has at least one or two 7/8 scores, check them at metacritic.

anyway FIFA 15 is the least fun I have had with a FIFA yet. The horrible GK the goals are boring and the game is just boring.

Palitera1487d ago

I have not bought it yet, but my major grip from the demo was exactly the goalkeeping. You get that amazing shot and the goalkeeper barely moves to make a flawless defense...

ThePope1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I don't agree with the score, I think EA has done a marvelous job on FIFA 15. The goalies aren't over-powered, you just have to take the right shot at the right time. One timers are effective as ever (as they are as hard as ever). Running right at the goalie and hoping that rifling one at his head is going to go in wont work. As it shouldn't.