Ubisoft: Watch Dogs sequel shouldn't change what 'most players liked'

A Watch Dogs sequel hasn't been announced quite yet, but Lionel Raynaud, who is Ubisoft Montreal's vice president of creative, spoke about the balance Ubisoft will need to be mindful of when it comes to changing certain aspects of Watch Dogs.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1486d ago

We've got enough shooters for a while, Ubisoft...
How about making a huge action RPG instead?

aLiEnViSiToR1486d ago

..."lose" the action, make true RPG and you have yourself a deal :D

Geekman1486d ago

Dude, if you're not interested in an IP, don't ask the company to change into something else. Others, like myself, enjoyed the first game and would like t see its problems fixed in a sequel. You need to get a grip. Ubisoft s not the only game developer.

And besides, it's not a shooter.

wonderfulmonkeyman1486d ago

That's the main form of Combat, so I consider it a sandbox shooter.
And I would prefer seeing a new game before any attempt at a watch dogs sequel is made.

Nevers0ft1486d ago

So erm... They're going to change about 90% of it then?

MegaRay1486d ago

You mean change everything except its being open world?

Nevers0ft1486d ago

I also like Aiden's coat ;)

MSBAUSTX1486d ago

To hell with Ubersoft. Their games are all the same dam thing. Watch Dogs wasnt even a true new IP. They just took what GTA was and made it crap.

Nicominoru1486d ago

I'm no longer interested in this franchise. Ubisoft took a good concept and ran it into the ground and they know it so now they are trying to bait the audience that they let down with the same game again by advertising it as something that will be a fresh and new experience in comparison with the first game which was a major disappointment.

Nevers0ft1486d ago

They're in a similar situation to Activision and Destiny - they've simply invested too much to kill it now. Having said that though, I have some faith that both franchises will improve. People scream that publishers don't take risks and just do safe sequels, yet when they take a risk we're up in arms because they didn't smash it out of the park - it must be difficult balancing originality and what management insists you shove into a new franchise because of opinion polls and market research.