Next Gen - Is it really "all that" ?

XboxOne or PS4 – is “Next Gen” really worth it right now? Well Thomas Firth knows his brother would certainly argue that it is. Returning home from a hard shift at the building site, putting on his headset and enjoying a game of Battlefield 4 in all its 60fps glory. However, Thomas has pause for thought when he looks to his collection of games. Before him he can see games that he also own and if so inclined may also purchase for his “out of date” piece of hardware.

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mandf1538d ago

Yup! I already own 57 games and looking forward to more. Media needs to stop hating.

Daz1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Bloody hell lol. i got 7 games that i brought for ps4 and xbox combined ;p

soon to be 8 for forza horizon2

And 183 games on steam

mandf1538d ago

Right on Daz game it up. I embarrassed to say it but I have 400+ games on the ps3 and I didn't even play some of them.

NukaCola1538d ago

This gen is pretty great. The media has made a huge effort in trying to belittle current gen games.

bumnut1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

You must have bought a lot of crap games, there are only around 10 games worth buying on either console.

Didn't even know there were 57 games out yet

mandf1537d ago

112 games have been released. I feel unless you play the game, you can't know if it's good. About 35 of them were good. I'm semi retired and this is my love and hobby

Loktai1538d ago

Yes. Every clickbait negative article I see now is more and more of a stretch . An article like this belongs soon after launch if anything... we're approaching a year in.

mandf1538d ago

So true. E3, gamescom, and TGS just happened and this is what the media focuses on. Developers can only make games so fast.

Scatpants1538d ago

Yeah, but in that year there's only been like 5 AAA next gen games released that are worth playing. I still have both systems and don't see the point of articles like this

Loktai1537d ago

You mean "In that 10 months" because.... shadow of mordor, driveclub, forza horizon, etc etc are still to come. Exactly what do you want out of a game system in one year? You're usually hard pressed to have 5 "AAA" games "worth playing" come out in a year until the console has already been out a couple years. The first year of 360 was no better, same with ps3 and pretty much every other console.

So you're qualifying it as 'worth playing' which probably means you wont take "remasters" or anything as worth playing. Only 5? I guess if you also dont include anything thats also on previous gen or PC.

josephayal1538d ago

PS4 and Xbox One don't have any games really worth playing right now

SteamPowered1538d ago

Very true. Im getting tired of remakes and let downs.

SteamPowered1538d ago

The Kinect didnt really work as well as initially advertised. That right there soured my next-gen experience. Ps4 is great graphically and such, but Im still waiting for the "Wowee!!" game.

DLConspiracy1538d ago

If you have not already tried. Then please play the "D4" kinect game that just came out for Xbox One. It changed my mind about Kinect motion controls drastically.

SteamPowered1538d ago

Good to hear. Maybe I will snag it and

DLConspiracy1538d ago


:D It's pretty fun. Just make sure you set up the optimal seating arrangement. I placed a chair in the middle of the room for optimal performance. After that. I was actually quite pleased how responsive it was. Proved myself wrong and was able to smile a lot.

Jyndal1538d ago

My "next gen" has turned out to be the Wii U. The last Nintendo system I had was the N64, so I thought I'd try and give Nintendo another shot.

It's been an absolute blast!

GuruStarr781538d ago

Yeah, I'm getting by fine without a ps4 or xbone (for now).

I've got a Wii U, but I almost consider that "last gen"...

I think once games like Halo 5 come out, I'll jump into a xbone and/or PS4..

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