125 years of Nintendo: The highs and the lows

As Nintendo turns 125, TrustedReviews explores the highs and lows in its gaming career.

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GreenRanger1484d ago

Nintendo has been in business almost as long as Final Fantasy XV has been in development.

ABizzel11484d ago


1. NES
2. Gameboy and the handheld market
3. N64
4. DS
5. Wii sales perspective


1. Virtua Boy
2. Gamecube sales
3. Wii from a core gamer perspective
4. Many E3's
5. Wii U's current position

higgins781484d ago

Highs, you missed out the Super Famicom i.e SNES. Lows, yes, the GameCube sales were not particularly strong but for me - from a 'gamers' perspective, it blew the PS2 and Xbox out of the water in terms of performance and games.

SoapShoes1484d ago

I love the GameCube but blowing the PS2 out of the water? No way, not for me. Xbox? Yes. DreamCast? No. The closest system to the PS2 was the DC, imo, and it was only out for a few years. GC was very close though. Fantastic games.

ABizzel11484d ago

Only did a top 5, that's why I missed the SNES

higgins781484d ago

OK, perhaps "blowing the PS2 out of the water" was an exaggeration. I do however consider the GameCube to have been superior to the PS2 for that period and easily as good as the Dreamcast - sure, the Dreamcast was a marvel, but for me the GameCube had the more eclectic choice of games (just).

Moonman1484d ago

You forgot SNES and 3DS!!!!!

steven83r1484d ago

Ummmm 125 years? Damn so that's how Billy the Kid got so good at shooting...Duck Hunt!

Moonman1484d ago

Highs: No matter the year: THE GAMES ARE QUALITY.

Xof1484d ago

There's really one one high point: the SNES generation, back when Nintendo had solid third-party support. Not only did Nintendo release some of the most innovative, timeless classics of all time in that era... but so, too, did countless third-party developers. Good lord, the RPGs or Platformers alone would cement this period as the as the peak.

Hell, I'd go so far as to say it was the high point of console gaming, period, thanks to the superior ability of the SNES to render more complex visual and mechanical aspects of game coupled with the relatively low cost of development. It was one hell of a golden era.

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