FIFA 15 Review: The Karachiite

FIFA 14 launched with much anticipation and excitement last November alongside Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. EA Sports boasted that current-gen machines will be completely revamped with the ‘Ignite Engine’. If you are the proud owner of either a PS4 or Xbox One then you’re in for a real treat with FIFA 15. It feels current-gen and makes for an astounding upgrade.

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Ju1539d ago

After a brief play through this morning it was just subtle different to 14. But I noticed there are a lot more customizations. You have much more control over each player on the field now. I guess I will need some time to figure it all out. But the good thing is, if you like 14 you fell right at home with 15.

warrior821539d ago

I also think the movement of the players is better and more realistic..theyre not turbo boosting across the pitch when r2 is pressed...the overall presentation is feels like a true next-gen title.

Ju1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Can't say that yet. I usually start with a lower level team and build it. Feels quite slow there :) But that is normal and expected. I'm playing pro, and even with a 90 sprint you can hardly run away from defenders in 14...unless the game is in the right 'mood'.

But yeah, sure, it's a step up

saadd201538d ago

How do you feel about it now? Have you tried career mode?

Ju1537d ago

Well...Pro is tough (for me) always if you start with a lower team. I think this has something to do with balancing which to make it "harder" slows your team down instead of to make it more challenging (same as 14, but I have a 5 star team there, where this plays with much less "drag"). But Semi-Pro is fine. It feels alright. This behavior is just a challenge to the AI programmers...and hasn't much changed since 14. I had the same experience from 13 (PS3) to 14 (PS4).

But I enjoyed Semi-Pro quite a bit. Only played 5 matches or something but it was as fluid as I was used to before (passing and shooting wise. I got a hang of it). I think it's quite alright. I like the flat team roaster more than the now prettier visual team layout in your squad settings. While pretty to look at, I like organizing my team through a table - but that's career only, all other modes were different anyway. You have more control over each player now, but I somehow was unable to save/edit my own formation. I like playing with a CF/ST instead of CAM/ST. I haven't figured out how to save that. At least the UI is streamlined now, but I wonder if all the modernization is as functional as it was before, despite the more features it provides.

Gameplay wise I have to play it way more until I'll switch back to Pro. But it feels alright and looks better. AA is worse than in FIFA14, this is the only thing, though. Not sure why the PS4 shouldn't be able to handle that better.

saadd201537d ago

I agree with most of what you said...Semi Pro sometimes can be hard or easy depending on the AI..I think its the emotional intelligence coming into play..after one or two goals, the opponents get demotivated and it goes in your favor, otherwise the goalies are very very tough in both pro and semi have to aim precisely and do one-two plays inside the box to score.

saadd201539d ago

I just love the Barclays Premier League presentation...and goal line technology...and set pieces finally got an overhaul!

Great review!

gamernova1539d ago

On PC is a dramatic difference since 14 was not even ignite. Definitely a solid game. Won my first match on FUT :)

warrior821539d ago

The AI is smarter, the through passes are played better...the movement is pretty good for the most part...shirts getting dirty and wet is very real...the rain water splashing as players run..goalies not able to save or rain...its damn real...some glitches from fifa 14 some animations before set pieces or subs get stuck till u press the x button or go to the menu or back...the article covers the basics and more...definitely an improvement on last year..Clive and Andy now just default international commentary team..Martin and Alan do regular ones..finally I know how they look like!

TeeKay1538d ago

Its the best football game we have played and had the honor to review..and is completely unbiased..thanks for reading!

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