Final Fantasy XV Fans Petition for a Return to Original Versus Concept

After last week's TGS trailer for the upcoming (eventually) Final Fantasy XV, fans were divided between those who favored the new action gameplay and those who pined for the traditional RPG combat. Now come a third party, pleading Square Enix to make FFXV the Kindom Hearts-esque combat experience they sought from the original concept.

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Paprika1488d ago

Not going to happen, sorry guys :(

Lightning Mr Bubbles1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Those people are idiots.

Game4Next1488d ago

1. Final Fantasy Type-0 have difficulty settings.
2. Hajime Tabata probably wants to release Final Fantasy XV as soon as possible, thus the new concept.
3. Judge the game after you've played the demo.

Wait for the Demo, Play the Demo, Give Feedback.

bouzebbal1488d ago

it'll take 10 more years

Soulscare1488d ago

Well, not really, it's just a difference of opinion... Just because someone doesn't agree with doesn't make them an idiot, do you intend to call all people idiots who don't agree with you?

equal_youth1488d ago

Quote from another article.

"Another example is in the combat," explains Tabata. "With the hardware specifications of the newer consoles, it's possible to set it up so you have different enemies and different choices of attacks you can enter in, but I want to simplify that. It'll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button. I myself am not getting any younger. I don't want to be frantically pushing buttons. I also want to utilise the intelligence of the hardware spec, and not have to go through too much hassle or trouble in order to execute moves."

Those people behind FF are the idiots.

grailly1488d ago

maybe not idiots, but they don't understand the implications of what they want. It would add at least another year to the development, that is not what we (or square-enix) want right now.

vishmarx1488d ago

Versus xiii original concept was to not come out ever.
they want that?

Godmars2901488d ago

All well and good to say "wait for the demo" but when has a demo fully represented its actual game?

DigitalAnalog1488d ago


So you'd rather have a game released at a state where concerns haven't been addressed? Take a gander of what happened to Final Fantasy XIV. You DON'T release the game for the sake of, especially when the FF Trilogy had put Square in such a negative light.

Now they are really testing the waters and if it is any indication, this could be the highest budgeted FF title to date. They CANNOT risk another FFXIII fiasco again because that would pretty much be the end of the AAA production line (at least for Japan) for good.

DragonKnight1487d ago

@equal_youth: What a patronizing a$$hat Tabata is. I don't want a "Press X to Jason" style combat. I want my actions to actually mean something.

Dammit Square-Enix, what the hell is wrong with you?


While we are here why not make it PS4 exclusive again (since Sony still has an exclusivity deal with Sony for one game) and call it back FF Versus XIII? Well no nothing of that will happen.

DevilOgreFish1487d ago

People seem to miss the leathered mysterious lone wolf Noctis, over the J-Punk Version of him that's always seen battling alongside his buddies.

Yeah i noticed the change too but at this time in development, they'er not going to change it, or the combat. lets just wait and see how the game is when we get to finally play it. we can make more accurate opinions then.

-Foxtrot1487d ago

How are they idiots

I'm sorry but with some of the shit coming out recently FF15 seems like Square aren't learning their mistakes from FF13.

I mean that one button thing is ridiculous. I wanted the old concept where it was a full on Kingdom Hearts styled system. I want to be in control.

Some of the comments made by the new guy sound ridiculous. If FF15 is shit, then it's his fault.

The same thing happened with FF13, people heard about these changes in the game, got sceptical (and rightly so), those blindly hyped told them to shut up and in the end guess who was right.

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Pozzle1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Yeah it's far too late now. The game might only be about 50-60% complete, but there's no way Square would scrap the whole game to start all over again with the original concept from 2006.

equal_youth1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

they could redefine the combat though. Or give more options. the excuse tabata gives is just inexcusable. He basically says that old core gamers are to lazy to remember anything but clearly he means kids these days or people that 'maybe' try his game. what about people who bought every FF even the crappy ones. What about the CORE? the people who made these f**** what they are.

Edit: sry for beeing so pissed about it but SE is so out of touch in the past years. it grinds my gears so damn much that i probably will not buy any game in the near future. that includes FF, SD, TR (even if some of them came from the west) and what ever crap they try to westernize in the future. I will put my money where japanese publishers know what they are doing. like in the Dark/Demon/Bloodborne games or the Tales Series.

sinspirit1488d ago


If you bought the "crappy ones" then it is hypocrisy to be considered "core". If you're a true fan then don't buy the ones that aren't up to par. Support the "bad" titles and more will follow.

kowan1487d ago

The don't need to scrap the whole game to tweak the combat system. They changed it from the e3(kh style) footage to the now(tgs one button gameplay) and they could easily change it back. It's only the battle system people are whining about.

nunley331487d ago

It is too late but the concepts would need to be put in a new game if they're to see it. I loved the PS3 gsmeplay footage i saw some time ago and would love to play that game. This will be good though and better than any of the XIII games. On another note since the XIII trilogy is on steam now it's a good bet it'll get ported over to PS4/XBONE.

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Cha0tik1488d ago

I understand the interview he gave has some people questioning but wtf... people don't even know shit about the original verses game it could be worse and these people are already complaining before even seeing the end result. What idiots...

Magicite1488d ago

changing concept would mean starting over.

elninels1488d ago

We havent played yet. It could still be kingdom hearts esque.

ths vocal minority of "Gamers" need to end this phase of entitlement.

Developers have been stifling their own visions to meet the demands of those who will never be satisfied.

Can we stop having a petition for everything we don't like. At what point is this no longer people protecting beloved franchises, but rather give me what I want or else?

3-4-51488d ago

What the petition WILL do, is get SE thinking about possibly making another Turn Based RPG though.

Hopefully they do it with a new IP.

That way, everyone wins.

elninels1487d ago

Versus was never going to be turn based. After the success of kingdom hearts it seemed like square wanted to make a final fantasy with the same gameplay.

XSpike1487d ago

I doubt the game has really changed that much, the road trip thing was always in the game from the get go, the "simple" 1 attack button was I think always there too, the guy just meant that when your versing this type of monster S-E has made special animations just for that type of enemy (as seen in the trailers)

You'll still need to choose to attack, use magic, items / others but if your versing a soldier you'll have some different attacks/animations compared to versing a behemoth

kowan1487d ago

Actually the one button thing was not implemented yet when Nomura was still directing the game. It was more of KH with a battle menu and more options for attacks, you can see this on their early footages up to TGS 2013, but with Tabata now, they scrapped that battle menu and all those options in favor of pressing one button for every variety of attacks, one button for every variety of defense and the like.

Lennoxb631487d ago

This is the same mentality that changed the X1's original vision. Which I was looking forward to. So don't change SE.

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Malice-Flare1488d ago

so, now you want Nomura back, huh? heh...

Double_Oh_Snap1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I know it won't change anything but signing anyway for switchable characters alone. So much missed gameplay variety, fun, and strategy. I know we can adjust ai kinda like XII but seriously we have seen these guys playable before. I an I assume many others would like to actually control them like we are playing a Final Fantasy game. With a variety of weapon styles, moves and tactics. An since it's not even a KH like action rpg anymore why can't this be done? No more action games have only one playable character excuse.

elninels1488d ago

Check the tech/gameplay demo. Characters are switchable, some characters are better against some enemies, looked like characters were changing weapons on the fly. What made it different from kingdom Hearts.

OverlordEnel1488d ago

Versus and XV should just be two different games in the first place.

hkgamer1488d ago

seeing that agito is coming out soon for mobile as it was suppose to, maybe versus xiii wil get a side release aswell :D

SeanScythe1488d ago

That's what I like about this game. I look forward to a real FF game with Kingdom Hearts gameplay.

Eamon1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Actually, that's what's changed as far as I can understand. If you look at the 2011 video and 2013/2014 vids there is a big difference with the battle interface.

The Kingdom Hearts style menu (2011) on the left is gone is either replaced with a new simpler version (2013) or completely erased as shown in the 2014 video.

I'm not sure which is final or whether the 2014 trailer was intentionally made with the battle interface hidden (since it still has the HP bars on the right).

But basically, we've been told that attack button is essentially an auto-attack button that carries out a pre-determined sequence of attacks - apparently similar to the gambit system of FF12 where party characters not in direct control carry out action based on predetermined conditions (such as, if you have low health, use Cure immediately etc).

Though, it's uncertain how detailed or simple it is. Basically, we still don't know how the battle system in FF15 functions but it does seem to be quite different from the Kingdom Hearts menu-based style we saw in 2011.

trenso11488d ago

watch the trailer again the menu and 4 boxes with arrows and you can see it cycling in the video

Eamon1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Which video? The latest tgs trailer? It only has the HP bars...

Edit: Ahh, I see. In the tgs presentation demo, it had a left-side menu too

kowan1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

The e3 menu was the same with the old menus of versus. The only difference is it was more minimalist in visual style(which does not correlate to function) and they even added a weapon change indicator. Now with Tabata, he wanted to remove all of that cuz he thinks everyone is like him(getting old and tired of complex controls) and wants a game that can be played by casuals which is ironic as there are very few casuals who play RPGs like Final Fantasy, aside from Pokemon.