Castlestorm Definitive Edition Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "Zen Studios are about to unleash their genre busting tower defence game, Castlestorm Definitive Edition, onto Xbox One. The definitive edition includes all the original campaign, all of the previously released expansions, and a heap load of never before seen content. There seems to be a trend of late, re-releasing games and then calling them the “Definitive Edition”, and all that’s been added is all the DLC and little else. Zen, however, have added fresh new content to this edition making it definitely worthwhile releasing again. If you have never played Castlestorm here is the lowdown on the campaign mode. You don the persona of Sir Gareth, a golden haired knight with his airs and graces who, quite frankly, fancies himself rather a lot, and is tasked by the king to defend the kingdom. To achieve this you have a castle, a ballista that fires a range of different projectiles, magic potions, a host of different troops and of course Sir Gareth himself, which you can take charge of on the battlefield."

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