The Xbox One Will Be Out in China on September 29

"After an inexplicable delay yesterday, today Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will go on sale in China on September 29. Microsoft says it will be the first game console to launch in the mainland in 14 years."

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Eonjay1486d ago

Nothing about this makes any sense.

Torque_CS_Lewith1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

that's what happens when you're not privy to all the details.

G20WLY1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Regardless of why the delay occurred, it was only for a few days and it's good that it has a new date slotted in.

That price though - $600 not including Kinect - is just shameful.

Eonjay1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

There are too many theories because no one is really privy to any of these wildly sporadic series of events.

coolbeans1486d ago

"That price though - $600 not including Kinect - is just shameful."

Is anyone aware of how taxes on consoles/imports works over there? I'm wondering if this could be another case to the PS4 costing $1800 in Brazil last year (don't know if that's unchanged).

Septic1486d ago

I have no idea what's going on either but to be honest, I dont even think the X1 will have any real presence in China. I'm just guessing here though. I just don't see how it would appeal to that market; are the Chinese big console gamers? Will an American console with US-centric games even appeal to them? I'm oblivious to it all mind you...

choujij1486d ago

@coolbeans "Is anyone aware of how taxes on consoles/imports works over there?"

Would that even apply in this case? Aren't the consoles manufactured there?

CallDaCheeseBox1486d ago

"New shit has come to light, man." -The Big Lebowski

Kingdomcome2471486d ago

@CallDaCheeseBox- Haha.I love that scene. He just keeps going on talking in circles, never really saying anything. OT:This is strange.

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Webbyy1486d ago

lol it makes sense but the real reason for the delay is because of 1 year anniversary of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone lol
the chinese gov tell MS to delay 6 days

pompous1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Yeah this article doesn't make sense as it neglects all the info. The reason it got delayed were the Chinese Government was INVESTIGATING Ms for VIOLATING Chinese ANTI-TRUST LAWS. Basically business as usual for MS.

Dudebro901486d ago

Well looks like they weren't found guilty, so your obviously biased comment sounds pretty stupid.

Naga1486d ago

So you're saying that it's business as usual for MS to deal with unfounded mistrust? (seeing how they obviously were exonerated in the investigation)

Interesting how your comment happens to illustrate this "business as usual" norm...

CloudRap1486d ago

whoa OMG they violated a malevolent communist governments anti-trust laws how rude of them .

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aviator1891486d ago

Hmm, well that's not far off at all.
I was under the impression that it was going to launch at the end of the year lol..

gfk3421486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

This message released by MS also enters in the "180" category? Or should be included in the "360" category... Oh well, we shouldn't be surprised anymore...

christocolus1486d ago

MS said it would be released later in the year but it was only delayed for about a week? Why didn't they just say it would be delayed for a few days?

Wikkid6661486d ago

They probably didn't know the answer. Probably ran into some sort of red tape and got it sorted out sooner than later.

k3rn3ll1486d ago

This most likely. This is what you have to deal with being the first in line. Since all of this is new, both govt an MS are figuring alot out as they go

GameDev11486d ago

Well according to another article, it MIGHT be because of this

"Microsoft is being investigated by Chinese authorities who allege Microsoft has violated anti-trust laws, but it is unknown if this investigation is related to the delay."

aviator1891486d ago

apparently, because the Chinese gvt has banned windows 8, they were still wary of the xbox one and had last minute questions regarding xbox one's use of windows 8. But I imagine Microsoft talked with them asap and got it resolved.

urwifeminder1486d ago

Nice welcome South African , Indian and Chinese gamers look forward to playing you.

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Aussiebeachbabe1486d ago

That bejammin fella huh thats 10 more friends than you have got hey benji.

Enemy1486d ago

With DRM, apparently.

aviator1891486d ago

I believe a ton of the restrictions are result of the Chinese government.
Not to mention the immense piracy issues in the country.

Dirkster_Dude1486d ago

96% of all software in China is pirated. So while DRM that might be inappropriate in other countries where enforcement is done China simply doesn't care.

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