Xbox One hits stores in 5 Asian regions today

India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan all got their hands on the Xbox One.

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TheLyonKing1584d ago

Good these nations get to play a new gen console finally.

Yi-Long1583d ago

In Hong Kong they were already able to buy the XBO, because many shops just sold imports. Now it's just released 'officialy', but most people who wanted one probably already picked it up by now...

darthv721583d ago

But you would think that an officially localized unit would cost less than an imported one?

So those who wanted one ahead of the pack got one but those who wanted one and have been patiently waiting.....good things come.

Yi-Long1583d ago

I'm not sure if the official release will be much cheaper than the imported version, TBH. Usually it doesn't differ all that much.

tiffac0081583d ago

Here in Asia prices usually doesn't change much wether we get a console before or after its official release date. Heck! Even an official price drop from the Big 3 won't move prices for months lol

MetroidFREAK211583d ago

Well, I hope whoever purchases the Xbox One enjoys it. :)

urwifeminder1583d ago

Mr Bad guy nice pic seen him live in 80s on the Works tour, bub up just for Fred. I am sure they will enjoy it.

MetroidFREAK211583d ago

Well you can safely assume I'm completely jealous of you seeing him live. I was born a month and 12 days before he died... So I never got a chance. But about 11 years after becoming a HUGE Queen and Freddie Mercury fan, I know a lot about him and the band :)
On topic- yeah I'm sure they will too. Its a great console

urwifeminder1583d ago

Nice it was 1985 in Sydney I was 12 years old was the best live show I have ever seen and I have seen alot. Got to shake the bands hand through the fence not Freddy though, the concert is on YouTube someone filmed it right near where I was sitting poor vide sound though cheers.

Aussiebeachbabe1583d ago

Great console. Urwifeminder good to meet ya. I live in newcastle not far from ya.

pop-voxuli1583d ago Show
Orbertron1583d ago

I hope some of the games we have seen for the region make their way to the west, (fingers crossed)

tlougotg1583d ago

Prepare for the tides to change with a total sell through in those five countries of a total of 500 units lol

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