Xbox One has had another official price cut in the UK

Microsoft has cut the price of Xbox One to £329.99 in the UK. The console previously retailed for £349.99.

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Kayant1485d ago

That Phil Spencer effect :p... This should help them week on week but it isn't large enough to narrow the gap by a big margin. Always good for consumers when companies are trying to not lose ground to their competitors.

Septic1485d ago

I reckon it should be £300. That is a competitive price imo.

darthv721485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

the article says this is the 3rd price cut but wouldnt this really be the 1st?

The initial SKU with kinect is still available. MS created a SKU without kinect for less and it is that SKU that has now had a price cut.

BiggerBoss1485d ago

This is great for consumers and sales alike, but it may be a sign of just how poorly Xbox one is doing over there currently. I wonder what the Xbox one LTD sales in the UK are

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ABizzel11485d ago

They would be wise to do one in the US this holiday as well. NA and UK are their best selling regions, and if they want to keep the sales lead the PS4 has to a minimum they have to do more in those 2 regions, because everywhere else is pretty much PlayStation land.

It's not wise to have a full WW price drop just yet, but they need to offer the best value they can going into the holiday in EU (specifically UK), and the US.

That $379 XBO + Halo: MCC + COD: AW + Forza bundle needs to happen this year. That's a no brainer for most 360 fans looking to upgrade, and you get access to the Halo 5 beta a month later.

Kayant1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )


Second. This is the Uk. It got a £30 discount last year

"From 28th February Xbox One will carry an estimated retail price of £399.99 in the UK. It currently costs £429.99."

SniperControl1485d ago

By the January sales, it should track under £300, i will buy it then.
Besides, should be £300 anyway, kinect costs £130, so £430 - £130 comes to £300.

MrPink20131485d ago

Some people think the removal of Kinect equals a price cut. Not sure how offering two models equals a price cut, it just means they are offering a cheaper option with less features.

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Sonital1485d ago

Hmmm, "Why would you pay the same price for weaker hardware"...


"Why would you pay £20 less for weaker hardware?"

Bennibop1485d ago

It's the same price as the ps4 in the uk now. Ps4 has been selling at £329 for weeks now and £349 for a a game packed in.

iistuii1485d ago

If I could play Halo, Forza Horizon Gears of War & Sunset Overdrive to name a few on my PS4 id agree, but those games are a reason to buy one. Weaker or not.

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shadowT1485d ago

Third price cut in Europe.

Kurisu1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

And probably not the last. This is good for people on the fence about buying an Xbox One though, and it's £20 saved on someones Christmas present. With a new lower price and games like Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and the Master Chief Collection coming out then I can definitely see this, along with said games, boosting Xbox One sales.

People ARE buying it.

iistuii1485d ago

Yep, me for one. In fact I'm getting a bundle with those very games you mentioned.

Software_Lover1485d ago

Good news for those looking to pick up one soon

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