South Africa and India welcome the Xbox One

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Xbox One launched last night in South Africa and India. Only one South African retailer, Incredible Connection had nationwide midnight launches. India hosted a launch in Mumbai. Fans were not pleased, calling the launch 'a shame' and no way to launch the best console."

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Sillicur1485d ago

Great to see it finally coming to South Africa!!

HanCilliers1485d ago

Reading those IGN India comments are really disheartening for Xbox fans. I don't understand why India didn't do a proper launch.

South Africa with its big Xbox fanbase should do well. I cannot but think that it might be a year too late though.

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GabeSA1485d ago

I made my console choice some time ago, and PS4 came out on top, but I know a few mates are keen for the XBX1 launch and are buying it. Imagine the day when you can cross platform game.

jnemesh1485d ago

Never happen with MS. We have seen cross platform between PC and Playstation before though.

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