Final Fantasy 15: “I want to make it more casual,” says Tabata

Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata is aiming to please a casual audience, offering one-button combat and a car that drives itself.

Both design decisions form part of the measures Tabata is adding to the troubled RPG as he takes over the project from Tetsuya Nomura.

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Double_Oh_Snap1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I'm... I just... I don't even know what to say anymore. I swear if anyone at square has a brain in there head after the demo feedback they need to rethink what there doing here.

I mean look at this ******* bs.

"Tabata's also in pursuit of a Final Fantasy that's not as overwhelming as its predecessors, and one that can be enjoyed by a broader audience. "With Final Fantasy 15, I do want to make it more casual," he says. "Of course the depth of the game is going to be there, but I want to make it so players can easily experience the satisfaction of the depth of the game." There's an option to set that car to drive itself, allowing players to sit back and take in the sights - although there is also an option to drive it manually, should they want to engage more fully with the world.

Another example is in the combat," explains Tabata. "With the hardware specifications of the newer consoles, it's possible to set it up so you have different enemies and different choices of attacks you can enter in, but I want to simplify that. It'll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button. I myself am not getting any younger. I don't want to be frantically pushing buttons. I also want to utilise the intelligence of the hardware spec, and not have to go through too much hassle or trouble in order to execute moves."

Quit trying to sell your damn games to people who wouldn't have bought them in the first place. All there doing is alienating everyone else... You know the fans! Dumb it all down Tabata go ahead aim for the best Final Fantasy ever! Just know in doing so you may be the sole reason this incredible franchise dies. You know it doesn't exactly instill any confidence in fans since the XIII trilogy.

Please... Final Fantasy fans out there from Turn Based, ATB, to Gambit and everything in between regardless of XV's systems execution. Does this line of thinking about FF and party play sound good to you in any way?

Because right now I want dumb Wada who decided Tabata should take Nomura's game to go and right this ship. But we all know it will never happen as this is now XV.

Cha0tik1538d ago

I'm not worried one bit. Type-0 was an amazing game and that game was simplified yet still had a challenging feel to it so I'm going to rock with this till he actually shows something that disappoints me. So far everything shown looks amazing including the combat. If you think about it... Kingdom Hearts is simple as hell but it's still fun and full of challenging events.

Adrian_v011538d ago

In Type-0 you at least were part of the battle. You actually pressed buttons IN battle and needed some skills to win. Like what's the point really, the car drives itself, the battles fight themselves. Make it into a f-ing movie then. I really hoped for a game that would be difficult again and give you the satisfaction of beating it. But this seems worse than XIII...

NewMonday1538d ago

FF was never an action game, doesn't have to be Devil My Cry all of a sudden, the one button probably just for the physical attack and the spells would be mapped or have a selection wheel.

UltraNova1538d ago

I actually thought he was talking about an iOS game for minute there...and that aint all!

user55757081538d ago

ughhhh guess ill wait for them to remake more of the old games or just buy bravely default 2 instead.

good think companies like atlus and NIS are still around to make decent RPGs

NukaCola1538d ago


Heard the same thing. He say one touch, all I heard as iOS. What is wrong with SquareEnix?

Sashamaz1538d ago

13 was a one button casual so nothing new

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Septic1538d ago


" [The Combat will] basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button. I myself am not getting any younger. I don't want to be frantically pushing buttons."

You're sh***ing me. Seriously?

Bloody hell...fair enough you're getting older but that doesn't mean the rest of us are suffering from Parkinsons. I mean one button combat? You're kidding me. FF had some amazingly deep combat mechanics. Why on Earth are you diluting it to cater for non-fans of the franchise?


Seriously, this isn't a good sign. When the terms accessibility and casual are used in this medium, it almost always ends up being a bad thing.

Abriael1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Sounds like a mistranslation/Misinterpretati on/Misunderstanding to me.

When the article says "I also want to utilise the intelligence of the hardware spec" my "bad translator" warning sirens start to blare.

Zichu1538d ago

No FF game made you frantically push buttons at all. You made a selection and pressed one button.

The only game I remember making you press multiple button combinations was FFX with the Overdrive system.

Each version of FF has increased the combat's pace. It turned from a turn-based battle system, to different variations of time-based.

I don't remember having to press so many different buttons to attack in FF, it was the D-pad and then X. Simple. This game will probably be the same, but you are able to move whilst battling. It looks like they are using the same style of combat as FFXII which is a good thing.

Paprika1538d ago

I think abriael is right here. A number of things really. Language issues, maybe even written to generate interest, if tabata says he wants interest from casual gamers and hardcore, the headline could very easily be neglected as "tabata to focus on casuals" when in reality, he simply mentioned casual gamers. Journalists are always looking for controversial headlines. I'd take this interview as s blow, but also with a pinch of salt. Crisis core was essentially casual, but it was fantastic.

I just hope its not true, not entirely true anyway.

Septic1538d ago


But from what was shown, the combat didn't seem to have the depth of options that the older games with their turn based action had. I hope this is a bad translation as Abriael is saying. It would be such a shame if this didn't deliver after all the time its been in development. The game itself looks stunning.

Zichu1538d ago


I am watching the gameplay demo at the moment.

Noctis is switching between different weapons, he is also working with his party to perform I'm guessing combo attacks/abilities.

It also looks like there are 4 options in the bottom left hand corner, it has to be something. I don't know Japanese so I can't translate it.

I don't understand what was so depth in the other FF games in terms of options.

You had attack, spells/skills and I think items. Each character would have their own abilities that had their own options, but once you leveled to a certain point, you only need to do a small number of abilities, so you still had restrictions.

If someone could translate what it says in bottom left hand corner in the gameplay demo, we might get a better idea of what is actually going on.

XtraTrstrL1538d ago

"Why on Earth are you diluting it to cater for non-fans of the franchise?"

The same reason Crapcom destroys every last one of it's franchises other than SF - the greedy view of it potentially bringing in a wider variety of casuals.

Jubez1871538d ago

From another article

Tabata on FFXV Battle System:

The battle system will feature very flashy moves and abilities, and feel like an action packed flow of moves. There will be warping and magic attacks, and there will be combination attacks with party members which are generated automatically based on context.

He also mentions that because this is a RPG, you can also play more strategically, and that during combat you can pause the game into a menu and adjust party behavior, change weapons, etc.

The weapon system in the game is treated like a deck. You set weapons on the deck in the menu, and during combat the most appropriate weapon in the deck will be used based on the situation.

The evasion in the game is executed by "defensive movement" which is a stance the player goes into when holding down the defense button. This allows the player to move around defensively avoiding attacks.

AnimeFreak0131538d ago

I really think people should stop
Whining as all final Fantasy games been one button selecting moves to use except with those ex special moves. Same can be said for KH series as its base on KH style. There's one game I can think of that describes of what hes trying to say if I'm correct of what hes saying. that would be bayenetta as there r two different styles u can choose easy where it can pretty much do all of the Krazy flashy moves that r harder to pull off more easily and manually if u want it so u can do the harder moves to pull off ur self. That's at least what I'm getting at of what he saying.

gangsta_red1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Ok...maybe I am missing something but how is the one button combat a bad thing?

I mean FF has ALWAYS been one button combat. Your characters stood still and you selected from a menu, Fight, Magic, Defend, etc. and you selected one of those with ONE button and the character would perform the why is everyone mad at this?

How was the old FF's ever deep combat mechanics? I mean let's be honest, if there was an enemy you couldn't defeat you would just go out a start power leveling your character so you could be that enemy.

Maybe later on in the recent FF's they had some "legendary" monsters where you needed to manage your characters well but they were never apart of the main story or necessary to finish the game.

So this whole deep mechanics and anger at one button controls just seems very out of place.

I think people are forgetting how FF really used to be and using this whole "one button" or "casual" talk as an excuse to be angry over a non-issue.

Would you rather FF have a fighting system like Devil May Cry? Would it even be FF anymore if so?

Adrian_v011538d ago

@gangsta and everyone else bringing in past FFs

This is not about how old titles played. FFversusXIII was introduced and we were promised that it will have a KH style battle system. Many anticipated this, even more after XIII, cause they wanted a change to a faster, action based system. In 2011 we were given footage how it would play, and it caused excitement. Last year we were given footage of it as FFXV and people kept their excitement cause they assumed no changes happen. If the change of director happened 2 years ago, why weren't we told all this earlier? My point, people aren't fed up about what FF was, but what FFXV was supposed to be.

On another note, I just watched the TGS battle trailer and took a look at the HUD. When Noct walks around freely, only one option is visible - warp. When the battle starts it changes, the 4 blocks on the left side correspond to the character blocks on the right side, i.e. the first one is Noct's. It starts of with defense, where he dodges ALL incoming attacks, and changes to attack when he himself attacks. Once he uses fire, it displays fire in the box. Beside the boxes, a text appears with arrows pointing at it. It displays enemy names, probably the locked on target or something. Note, it displays the actions and enemy names for all 4 characters (which gives me hope that in the final version all members will indeed be playable). So it changes between warp, attack, defense and fire. I'm not that upset anymore as I was 2 days ago lol. I still don't like them breaking their promises but I guess I can live with this new style as long as the world and story are great. The car, however funny it might seem, gives me hopes for a large world. They said that there's no overworld, but one large world where you travel between regions seamlessly. That you need a car to travel it hopefully means that it's too large to be traveled by feet.

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AsheXII1538d ago

Final Fantasy is a casual RPG franchise, im not sure what is so bad about this.

Cha0tik1538d ago

Adrian, simple doesn't mean it won't be challenging. Simple means that there won't be thousands of different menus and shit to get to what you're looking for. Tactics can still be involved such as learning the way the enemy moves so that you can counter his attack next time before it kills you again. There could be just 4 options in the menu... attack, magic, items and some sort of interactive move for the actions with the other party members (as shown in the trailer.) Doesn't matter how many disagree with me... I'll stand by it still I see something look too easy, doesn't have a great story, or something that doesn't seem fun to play.

Antnee5341538d ago

When interacting with the party they do it automatically its not a skill or thats what the article at gematsu said If I remember

Adrian_v011538d ago

Well I don't get the need for tactics to avoid being killed, and I don't get him in the part about approaching behemoth. If you have a defense button where Noct automatically evades all incoming hits, I don't see much challenge or tactics there.

I see people saying, FF never used to be about action and button mashing. It's not about what FF was, it's about what FFXV could have been.

Cha0tik1538d ago

Adrian, it's the same as having a dodge button... it doesn't mean that you're going to successfully dodge everytime... or in old final fantasys where you can press escape or run but sometimes it fails. I think everyone should stop over reacting and wait to see how it plays.

hkgamer1538d ago

i honestly think we have to get hands on of a demo before we can complain. i know ffxiii was a big dissapointment which meant that ff fans probably didnt even play a ff game last gen.

tabata is trying to push his ideals onto a ff game same as what nomura was doing before. nomura wanted something similar to kh, some aspects of kh was very basic, but whenfighting harder mobs the need to go trrough menus or quick menus on the go at real time whilst dodging may not be the right move for actual final fantasy fans.

ffxii in a sense had a no button execution and throughout a big percentage of the game you was able to strategically outsmart mobs by having the correct gambits.

as long as their is a challenge im all for it. last ff game i played was a realm reborn. playing with a joypad made that game very reflex heavy, was a good game but i dont really want to play a game that has even more mechanics, buttons, skills then that game. would take some enjoyment out of it for me.

i do understand why some people are mad though, we were promised something for 7 years or so, now that the game has sights on a possible 2016 release and we are just told that the whole game mechanic is changed, does sound pisstaking. however, just wait for demo or other impressions before we criticise the battle mechanics.

Cha0tik1538d ago

Agreed! People are over reacting. He has to be really confident in this to release a demo first knowing it could push people away from the game entirely.

Magicite1538d ago

But one thing is for certain - there's suddenly tons of info about FF15 and it seems release date is rapidly nearing.

Rainbowcookie1538d ago

They said that they restarted the project 2 years ago and then they said the game is 60% complete. If this is taken literally and development stays constant I would say 1 .5 years left maybe. 'for the Japanese version unless it is done at the same time as the english translation

LiQuiZoN1538d ago

The trailer showed years ago showed promise. I thought it may be a throw back to ff7 with a dark theme and quick paced yet thoughtful battles (ffx).

Well seems like they ducked it up again. It is simply an action game named "final fantasy". I hope they go bankrupt and Sony buys them. I believe song would kindly direct them to what the players actually want. You know then people who made them successful in the first place.

I own every FF GAME and I skipped FF13 and it really bothers me that I needed to skip it unordered to vote with my wallet, but sometimes it is required. If this is straight up devil may cry (which it appears to be) I will do the same with this.

Patrick_pk441538d ago

I am fine with Square Enix trying something new with a hack and slash, but to even dumb it down to one button and make it simple as that is a terrible decision. At least add some variety, then one button. This might actually turn into hold X to win.

Th3o1538d ago

I'm ok with casual...honestly I spend most of my time reading about games than actually playing them.

Because of my schedule I usually play casual games or stick to what I know (counter strike).

There is just no time to learn insane mechanics for a game, then to be expected to remember them if u don't play the game after a couple of days.

I like games where the mechanics are complex but remain burnt into your brain...a lot of games think that being necessarily ridiculous complex to be a substitue for gameplay.

You can have a very deep and meaningful casual game.


Might and Magic clash of the heroes. A insanely casual game that is immensely deep with beautiful mechanics.

I can see this game doing the same thing, creating a timeless game that anyone can enjoy!

El_Assenso1538d ago

What does he mean by saying "Make FF more casual." Is he deluded? The game series was brilliant from FF1 to FF10 thereafter FF11-14 were just tripe until 14 got a massive overhaul.

How do you make a JRPG casual!? Players all play at their own pace. Weirdest statement thats come out of Squeenix in recent months. Just fire Wada already.

El_Assenso1538d ago

While Nomura was at the helm of the formerly named Final Fantasy Versus 13, I had real hope that we would see a game similar to the great Final Fantasy games from FF1-10. But now....This is Squeenix after all NOT Squaresoft in its former glory....

Massacred1538d ago

I'm not going to lie this is pretty disappointing to hear.

Godmars2901538d ago

You just have to do the unthinkable: don't buy the game. If what's being done with the game doesn't sound to your liking, then don't buy it. Square either doesn't realize the mistakes its making, or doesn't care. Are selling enough copies on multiple platforms to disregard any and all complaints.

The only thing they're going to listen to are no sales, and even then you wont get what you want, a better game with an involving story, because they'll just shelve the franchise for a while. Or forever.

Regardless, you're not getting what you want out of the deal, so really there's nothing to lose. You've already lost.

Clarence1538d ago

Well said. The harder the game the more I'm satisfied when I beat it.

3-4-51538d ago


* The people at the top, in charge at SE, just want money.

They are going the casual route and the SE we know is long gone.

THIS IS Square Enix now.

* We need somebody to rival them so we don't even have a desire to play their games anymore.

* A company with a game so good, SE will be FORCED to go back to the good old days.

Who knows though, FF15 could end up being the best FF game ever created.

XabiDaChosenOne1538d ago
*sigh..... At this point I don't care anymore, just release the dang game already.

MegaRay1538d ago

Look at the bright side. KHIII will be a masterpiece and will come sooner than we think (since Nomura left FF XV directing 2012)

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Pozzle1539d ago

Oh no.

Now I'm starting to feel worried.

Paprika1538d ago

And after I started to think the changes might work... this interview has been either very carefully written in a way to neglect directly what was said... or, worse still, its true. :(

Ninver1538d ago

Oh no not the C word. That's the last thing FF fans want to here. After all these years they'd better not dumb it down.

Benjammin251538d ago

Who the hell does this guy think he is? He basically takes over the reigns and immediately says "ok you know all that hard work you put into this game for the last 8 years to make it the best final fantasy yet? Yeah well that's all gone out the window. We're instead going to make a game that even your four year old can pick up and master in a couple of minutes." I miss Japanese games. I want Japanese games to be great again. But they just don't listen. I'm sick of it. I was really hyped for final fantasy 15. I couldn't care less if it never came out now.

Pozzle1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

It's sad that Square seem to think that "easily accessible" means "make it ridiculously easy for casual gamers".

Firstly, casual gamers don't want to play 40+ hour RPGs so there's no point targeting that market. Casual gamers want something that is easy to get into and can be played in short bursts...and a lengthy plot-heavy RPG is never going to be that sort of game.

Secondly, why the hell do Square think that a game that plays itself will be appealing to...well...anyone? I just don't get it. The old FF games were all very popular titles and they didn't need simplified gameplay and dumbed down one-button battles. They were just...good games! And a good game will appeal to people far more than simplistic play style. Part of the fun was figuring things out by yourself and learning the best strategies while you played. THAT is what makes a game 'easily accessible' to gamers; making the gameplay fun and the story interesting so that a player WANTS to keep playing to find out what happens next. Not making it piss-easy so that anyone can breeze through it with no challenge.

I'm still cautiously optimistic about this game. But The 'cautious' part is slowly overriding the 'optimistic' part with every new piece of info that is being revealed :(

Artista 1538d ago


I wouldn't pass judgement yet, the game is very far from being released

KakashiHotake1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Wow, just wow. After that impressive gameplay footage they showed at TGS I can't believe what I'm hearing. Hopefully it all works out for the best.