Mario Kart DS B Dasher to be Included in First Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack

The latest incarnation of the series, Mario Kart 8, will be paying homage to the DS game with one of the most iconic vehicles from the entry.

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ValKilmer1491d ago

Man I'm loving this recent nostalgia Nintendo is conjuring up.

Also I'm getting too old if I'm nostalgic for the DS...

Yi-Long1490d ago

Pfff... you're not old yet if the DS makes you nostalgic: I played the original Gameboy and Tetris!

Hell, I played Game&Watch when I was young ;)

Yi-Long1490d ago

That IS old. That's so old I admire you for even being able to remember the DS...

ZeekQuattro1490d ago

I never played any of the hanheld Mario Kart releases but even I am hyped about this. Mario Kart 8 has become a who's who of all things Mario Kart.