GameInformer: Hands-on The Evil Within's First Five Chapters

"As part of our October cover story on the past and future of horror games, Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner played through and wrote extensively about the first five chapters of The Evil Within. You can learn more about the game from its creator Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame, or you can watch Reiner's video discussion about the game with horror-fan Tim Turi. They talk about the game's variety of horror influences, how they all tie together into one world, and why it has more in common with Eternal Darkness than you'd expect."

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Axisian1484d ago

All the recent impressions sound very encouraging.

DarkOcelet1484d ago

Come October !! Evil within , Alien Isolation , Shadow of Mordor !!! Going to be an excellent month .

IvanCRO951484d ago

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I cant acces GI for the last 3 months

WeAreLegion1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

No. This is not Hands-On with The Evil Within's first five chapters. It's a link saying there WAS a hands-on. You have to subscribe to Game Informer and download a copy of this month's issue to read the article. I'm already read it, but seriously. How did this get approved?

Axisian1484d ago

In the video they are talking about their hands-on time with The Evil Within, did you watch it?

WeAreLegion1484d ago

I did, but they don't actually talk that much. The full preview is in the magazine.

WeAreLegion1484d ago

Oops. I somehow went to the wrong video the first time. Haha. I was watching something completely different. Sorry about that.

Zefros1484d ago

my nr 1 game this year, hope it really is great!

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