100% Practical Destiny PvP Tips and Tricks

Hello fellow Guardians! I'm going to do my best here to give you some tips and tricks that help me win my PvP matches. These apply to all game modes. This isn't anything fancy. It's just some things that I find helps me do well.

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JeanGarcia1489d ago

really practical destiny tips

ScottyHoss1488d ago

He forgot how crouching only puts you on your enemies radar every 5 seconds. Or how boosting with a wall between you and your enemie when they could be one or two levels above you gives you a read on their height based on when the red is more vibrant while simultaneously being disorienting to them.

Seriously man? Staying on your side of the map is the worse thing you can do, you'll get flanked.

n4rc1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Here's the only tip you need..

Auto rifle, auto rifle, auto rifle..

Don't pay any attention to the "use the gun you like" bs... Scout rifles, hand cannons and pulse rifles are all generally destroyed by any auto rifle.. Seeing as damage is balanced, rate of fire is everything..

Tried using all my favorite pve guns... Couldn't kill anyone.. Snagged a lvl 20 auto rifle and tried it out.. Well now my kd ratio is 2-3 vs .5-1 with literally any other primary

ceballos77mx1488d ago

Thats true, apart of me not being good at pvp as soon as I found a legendary auto rifle my kill count went up.

holdmyown831488d ago

Playing destiny like Titanfall helps out for me along with a nice shotgun

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