How ‘Resident Evil 4′ Tainted the Series

BD: "It’s no secret that Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic, expertly crafted video gaming experience. However, there was always something that felt a little bit off, and when the game concluded with no clear relation to any of the events of the previous series entries — save for an Ada Wong cameo — there loomed a deep sense of dissatisfaction and a little sadness. Those nagging feelings have been a part of the Resident Evil experience ever since."

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Funantic11491d ago

Resident 4 set the standards high for the series.

XBLSkull1491d ago

I liked RE4 but I agree it did set the series into an action series rather than the pioneering survival horror series it once was. While fantastic I don't believe RE4 was any better than RE 1-3. Just different. I also don't recall zombies in RE4, which you know, is the reason people played RE to begin with...

Baccra171490d ago

If by set standards high you mean destroyed survival horror and the canon of Resident Evil up to 4, you're absolutely correct.

CarlosX3601489d ago

This is one of the most stupidest notions that I've seen yet. I would expect this comment out of Michael Patcher's mouth, but it's a journalist trying to make an article for the sake of controversy.

RE4 didn't taint Resident Evil, Capcom tainted Resident Evil. End of story.

I can't even bother to understand the article. Dumb article.

zsquaresoff1491d ago

Re4 didn't ruin anything. Capcom decision makers are what ruined the Resident Evil franchise.

The same decision makers that thought making resident evil more like Call of Duty will make the franchise better and of course, make them more money.

DragoonsScaleLegends1491d ago

I had lot's of fun playing the wii versions but when I played RE5 demo on the ps3 it didn't feel as fun. I don't know if I just enjoyed the controls on wii better or I just lost interest in the series.

KakashiHotake1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

RES 4 didn't ruin the series, it's the fact that the devs have been unable to properly build on it. Even though RES4 had more action than previous, the survival horror aspect was there and it was just a all around well built game with a great art style. To me RES5 was the beginning of the end. By the time I made it a quarter of the way through the game I lost interest. I wasn't feeling the storyline, didn't like the setting, didn't care for the characters, and most importantly the game had no horror, just all action. RE6 was more of the same and thus I didn't buy it.

Matt6661490d ago

what survival horror in RE4 it was action based (not as much as 5&6) with things like QTE's, the ability to buy weapons and upgrade them (instead of finding them like on the originals) the ability to buy first aid sprays and upgrade your health. The lack of proper monsters like hunters, zombies, lickers, etc. The herbs shouldnt even be in RE4 since the herbs are native to raccoon city and only grow there. After playing RE4 I didn't even bother to play RE5&6. RE1-CVx great survival horror, RE4-6 action based.

KakashiHotake1490d ago

To each their own but for me till this day RE4 is still one of my personal favorite games of all time. True it wasn't a traditional Resident Evil, but it was great for what it was.

gantarat1491d ago

only thing i don't like RE 4 is "Leon Help !"

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The story is too old to be commented.