Should We Start Expecting Less from Video Games?

UM writes: I’ve played The Sims 4, Destiny, and Watch Dogs so far. I’m not saying they were terrible games, because they’re actually quite good. However, they not great or amazing either. Is it bad to expect the most out of video games, or should we be challenging developers with our expectations?

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porkChop1486d ago

We should absolutely be challenging developers with our expectations. If we accept crap, or "just good enough", then they will never feel the need to strive for better.

zero_gamer1486d ago

About the truth. Most of us pay 60 for games, no reason to accept "just good enough" otherwise more of us will just rely on PS+, rentals, bargain bins, used games, etc.

Thankfully I didn't buy into the Destiny hype. The beta was enough.

Godmars2901486d ago

At this point, most people are paying more - a lot more - than $60 for a game because of DLC and collector editions.

1486d ago
Godmars2901486d ago

All well and good if some people manage to buy a title after its seen a few legitimate price drops, not just the $5 Gamestop used discount, but the industry is pushing for pre-orders, and too many are falling for it.

osprey191486d ago

I think we can all agree that we would all give up top notch graphics for a game that has similar immersion, storytelling and gameplay to games like skyrim or mass effect. Over the past year its as if developers are focusing far too much on visuals and not enough on content and gameplay. I want a great story, immersive and imaginative world, topped off with great gameplay, graphics must be done after all those things and nat make it the be all and end all.

porkChop1486d ago

I love great graphics, but if it's either great graphics or great story and gameplay, I will always choose story and gameplay. They're much more important.

joab7771486d ago

We should expect diversity, not exactly the same stuff.

I put this on Bungie b/c they avoided the mmo moniker at all costs and now...

It's an mmo...and i LOVE it, but I love mmo's. Not everyone will, and they didn't even attempt to make a sp mmo hybrid. They made a pure mmo.

Einhert1486d ago

Came in to post this, well said.

traumadisaster1485d ago

This issue is related to over saturation, everyone has a backlog. There will be a market correction and the fluff being bought now will not happen this gen and only the best games will get $60.
Fortunately for us game prices will drop for games like watch dogs & destiney without gripping stories or evolutionary gameplay.

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BitbyDeath1486d ago

Yes, you should always expect less from cross-gen games.
They will always be held back by last gen tech.

1486d ago
BitbyDeath1485d ago

Both Destiny and Watch Dogs were held back by lastgen.
Sims 4 is just EA being EA.

1nsomniac1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

We got ourselves into this mess by rating every piece of crap a 10/10.

Review games properly with realistic meaningful scores & developers who are aiming for AAA games will have to actually put the work in & earn it!

With a 10 scale a 5 should be an average game but it seems these days an average game is regarded as a 7.5/8. Meaning the difference between an extremely mediocre game & a absolutely perfect game is 2 points which is ridiculous!

SuperBlunt1486d ago

If it isnt made by a japanese dev then its a waste of time to get hyped

zero_gamer1486d ago

Unfortunately my expectations for most games nowadays are much lower than they were 5 years ago. I buy games with a lot more caution now. I can't remember when I last bought a game on launch apart from the PS4 launch.

Watch Dogs and Destiny, two of the year's most hyped releases, didn't help.

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