5 Unique Wii Games You Should Play on Your Wii U

N247: With the Wii U set to have a strong end of 2014 thanks to the list of great titles set to release this holiday season we thought it would be nice to reminisce on a few of the most unique and overlooked Wii titles that the system had to offer. As you may know, owning a Wii U allows you to also enjoy Wii games you may have missed last generation. Instead of reveling in the awesomeness of titles such as Mario Galaxy or Xenoblade Chronicles though, we are going to take a look at some of the less popular experiences that were very fun to play, but didn’t get much exposure whatsoever.

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techologie1513d ago

Mad World is probably one of the best/unique experiences I had on the Wii. That's a game that I wish would be remade or brought back to current gen.

captainexplosion1513d ago

Mad World was a fun but really flawed game. I wanted a sequel so bad. I think they would have nailed the sequel. My personal great/unique Wii game would be Boom Blox. Great game.

Big_Game_Hunters1512d ago

every game has flaws. why not explain why you think Mad world was so flawed?

captainexplosion1512d ago

I didn't realize I had to justify my opinion to as^holes on the internet and I didn't think anyone would want to read a review, nor did I think it was appropriate to write one, to a brief response to a brief comment. And why aren't you asking the original poster to justify his opinion and list why he liked it?

Loadedklip1512d ago

He asked a simple question ... no need to curse and get so defensive.

wonderfulmonkeyman1512d ago

I loved it for the first two playthroughs, but its main flaw was that it didn't give much of an incentive to return to it beyond that, unless you just really loved it, because it got too repetitive too soon.

I still love the game, though, and I too wish for a sequel someday.

Nerdmaster1512d ago

I bought Mad World and it's one of the only games I ever sold after playing for a few hours. I didn't think it was fun and the black and white graphics, that were supposed to give it an unique look, only made the objects and stuff harder to see.

bacrec11512d ago

The soundtrack is amazing too. I will log on to YouTube sometimes just to hear it.

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SpiralTear1512d ago

The only one I'd dispute is Cursed Mountain. That game had quite a few technical problems in my book. Other than that, awesome list. Can't argue with Madworld. One of the most underrated in the Platinum Games library.

DualWielding1512d ago

Muramasa is much better on Vita

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1512d ago

Not really. It the same having to played both.

TongkatAli1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Yup, the smaller screen makes the sprites look better, the OLED makes the cherry blossom petals look HD, if you're using the Wiimote than the Vita controls are much better and that 4 story pack DLC mop the floor with the original game.

I liked the DLC characters a lot more than the two main characters of the game.

1. Felicia Darkstalker type of character and little cat fighter

2. Farmer and his two buddies fight the Japanese government tax collectors

3. Male Ninja who uses range throwing daggers, bombs and chain blade weapon

4. Ex Monk proposes to Satan's daughter, by far my favorite, lol.

herbs1512d ago

Muramasa is better on Dolphin internally rendering at 1080p using the Pro controller with a custom configuration enabling B as a jump button as well as up on the D-pad ;)
Great game on any hardware though really...

TedCruzsTaint1512d ago

Cursed Mountain really is a hidden gem.

Didn't get the chance to play it on the Wii, though that is the platform of which I learned about the game from. Found the PC version of it on the cheap over at Gamersgate.
That site is fantastic for those looking for niche, relatively unknown titles.

higgins781512d ago

So, so many 'unique' games went unappreciated on the Wii. Sadly it is only the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' which missed out - blinkered as they are. When oh when will the majority stop coveting the latest 6 monthly franchise instalment over fresh, innovative experiences before they become extinct...

TongkatAli1512d ago

There were over 100 million Wii owners, shouldn't you put the blame on them for not making those games sell over a million ?

That is a huge number of users who ignored those games, don't see how PS3 and 360 owners buying Call Of Duty and Ass Creed are to blame.

higgins781512d ago

They aren't, nobody is really. Also I myself I'm buying Fifa 15 this week. All's I am saying is its sad developers taking risks and trying new things are getting ignored in favour of propaganda and heavy advertising.

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