Throwback Thursday: The Final Fantasy VIII OST

The theme for this week’s Throwback Thursday is nostalgic video game original soundtracks, also known as an OST. My choice for this week is Final Fantasy VIII. Not only do I enjoy it’s story and just so happen to be a avid listener of Nobuo Uematsu, I chose FF8 because the soundtrack more than effectively sets the tone and creates a fully immersive, emotional and sometimes even spiritual experience, which is a trait that I think is very important for a video game soundtrack to have.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1490d ago

One of my FAVORITE Soundtrack of ALL TIME!!

Pozzle1489d ago

Same. I can never pick a favorite song from this soundtrack. Most of them are amazing.

Spotie1489d ago

My second favorite in the series after X, and one of my top five, easily.