Destiny Loot Farming: Infinite Engrams....Without Firing a Shot

IGN says by now you all must be aware of the Treasure Cave in Destiny that you farm Engrams with. Did you know, you don't even need to fire a shot and yield the same result!?!

Are you going to take advantage of this....or do you think it break the game?

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Blastoise1486d ago

But...where's the fun in that?

kneon1486d ago

I think this is likely a joke just to get people to look like idiots in the game

Aceman181485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Nope it actually works all you have to do is be near the group farming and you'll see engrams drop for you.

If a person wants to spin around let them lol. I just sit there when I don't want to shoot lol.

danowat1485d ago

Engrams drop for you regardless, if others are shooting the enemies, you don't need to spin round like a loon for it to happen!!!!

orakle441485d ago

You dont need to be in a group to get the loot, as long as you are in the same area as the other people shooting, you get loot from their kills. I took the dog out last night and left my guy just standing on the wing looking piece, there was 4 guys there shooting at the cave, I came back in and the cave was filled with engrams lol :)

Evil-Gouki1486d ago

Urgh, these "Get rich quick" caves are so over farmed and not to mention tedious, I just played through the skrike playlist with friends and earned Vanguard rep and emblems to buy the legendary items. Thats the only surefire way to gain them.

kryteris1485d ago

you can also just sit still, and get loot. Just be near the group.

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