Rumor: Broly, Beerus, Omega Shenron and More Found Inside Xenoverse Beta Files

SergioM3, a Youtuber known for digging through the demo files for Naruto Storm Revolution has decided to dig through the Xenoverse Beta and found some interesting content

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TWB1485d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

GT characters ?

Fine by me.

OtakuDome1484d ago

Unfortunately it seems so, it also looks like the character from the spin-off that reveals Goku's mother is in the game as well, which is pretty interesting.

TWB1484d ago

Whats that ? I havent seen every DBZ movie and special so I wouldnt know.

And I think GT characters will be great, allows the game to be closer to the same level as BT3. Gives people more freedom to make up their own battles.

trickman8881484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Yes, how dare they add a character in that I don't like! It's not like I can just...not play as them! no, noo.

This is great news, not "unfortunate". Now I can beat Beers with Omega Shenron, or any other GT character like a ragdoll. It also shuts up the "derp dbz games only follow CANONZ because of BoG!" crap that was spewed. which judging by your post, you follow that category.

It also means that any attacks that they have, can be given to the CAC that this game also has. Which means more variety in specials and ultimates. So no, not unfortunate. Some of the best DBZ games have had GT characters(Budokai 3, Tenkaichi 2/3, Infinite World) so it's great that I, and other people can play as them, or against them. Don't like it? Tough. Unfortunately for you, not everyone follows the " i dun like it, so this character shouldn't be in!" selfish state of mind.

OtakuDome1484d ago

I don't recall saying GT characters shouldn't be in, maybe you should re-read what I said, it'd give you a clearer understanding of "personal opinion".

@TWB: Funimation or whoever does the DB manga recently released a spinoff called Patrolman or something of the like that involved an alien galactic patrol officer, it was set in and involved some side characters from the DB Universe, including Bardock and Goku's mother.

Foraoise1484d ago

But you said, "unfortunately". Instead of replying condescendingly, try being nice. It's fun.

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