Nintendo Launches New Super Smash Bros. Ad Campaign

Hardcore Gamer: The release of Super Smash Bros. on 3DS is almost upon us, and Nintendo has begun to gear up for the title’s arrival with a brand new ad campaign. The Japanese company launched three short videos today, each urging viewers to “settle it in smash.”

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ritsuka6661491d ago

A black guy transform in......... a Charizard!!! WTF. 0_O

Lighter91490d ago

He could've at LEAST been a shiny Charizard. lol And the girl transforming into Kirby... Idk, there's something sexist there.

darthv721490d ago

i watched all 3 this morning. the one with the dad who transforms into little mac is my favorite.

3-4-51490d ago

So hyped for this game.

Didn't have a wii, so didn't play Brawl, but Melee & N64 version are two of my most played games ever.

I've technically been waiting since 2001 for this game.

Ark_1490d ago

Let's "Settle it in Smash!" *lol*
Will try that next time I've got a dispute with my wife ...

wonderfulmonkeyman1490d ago

Oh, the irony....the saying "Settle it with Smash" is one that my friends and I used to have back in Job Corp whenever we had a bet going.

For Nintendo to randomly and unknowingly pick up and use a piece of my personal history...

Feels weird, man.XD

ZeekQuattro1490d ago

Too funny. Its a good phrase too. I expect to see memes with settle it with smash any day now. haha

MetroidFREAK211490d ago

Lol. Should've just been the N64 commercial with the new characters added haha