Destiny: Farm Materials Quickly

Want to get those materials to upgrade your weapons/armor quickly? Check out this quick tip to load up on materials!

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placiid2558d ago

All this site ever talks about is destiny give it a rest!

Utalkin2me2558d ago

Heres a tip for ya. How about you stay out of the articles if they bother you so much.

orakle442558d ago

It's the most popular game out at the moment, of course most of the articles are going to be about Destiny.

kneon2558d ago

It's easier if you learn the chest locations for each area. Once you open a chest it will reappear in one of its alternate locations, and they are usually pretty close together. I've probably gathered in excess of 1000 materials so far. I had about 500 in my inventory just this morning before I traded in a couple hundred spinmetal.